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Ryzom Forge meeting (August 19th, 2019)

Date: monday, August 19th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public channel Forge (open the WebIG (Ctrl+W) and click on the "RF" button next to the language flags)
  • chat.ryzom, channel #pub-forge (https://chat.ryzom.com/channel/pub-forge)


Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.

Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • OP refactoring: recruitment of testers
  • Range weapon balancing: recruitment of testers
  • DeepL: give your feedbacks on external sites and social networks!
  • Publications of websites
  • Ryzom wiki (maybe)


Ryzom Team Manager
(FR / EN / ES)


Ryzom Forge Wiki

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Ryzom Forge meeting report – August 19th, 2019

Refactoring of the outpost battles : recruitment of testers

Tamarea (RT) – 19:39 UTC
Phase 1 of outpost battles modification project is currently being tested.
We are looking for more testers to join the group, whether as experts of outpost battles or as mere participants.
The tests take place on the test server (logic!), directly with the player account, which then receives a special "beta tester" access and ad hoc equipment.
If you like PvP, come and try it while having fun! To apply, contact Tamarea (by RC direct messaging or e-mailing to tamarea@ryzom.com).

This is followed by an exchange between those in the audience who have already participated in these tests, which confirms the pleasure we take in it and that Tamarea concludes with a “Join us, we need you! And come and protect me from them. Help!”

Range weapon balancing: recruitment of testers

Tamarea (RT) – 19:49 UTC
You are experts in shooting weapons and dream of seeing them finally balanced?
Come and join the group of testers! You can test the different shooting weapons in PvE as well as in classic PvP and/or outpost battles.
You will have access to the test server with your player account as a beta tester.
To apply, contact Tamarea (by RC direct messaging or e-mailing to tamarea@ryzom.com).

DeepL: give your feedbacks on external sites and social networks!

Tamarea (RT) – 19:57 UTC
The integration of the DeepL translator into Ryzom is still being tested. The translation is currently limited to the AROUND channel and is not yet configurable, but as the test is very conclusive, we will soon move on to the next steps, as announced here: https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/28116/1 35#135
• Step 2: Development work to enable DeepL to manage the translation between the ingame channels and chat.ryzom.com.
• Step 3: Creation of the configuration interface and addition of options in the chat window.
• Step 4: Integration of DeepL on dynamic, universes and region channels.
• Step 5: DeepL integration on guild, team, league and private message channels.
• Step 6: Add exceptions for words and names specific to Atys, such as place names etc.
This integration is of interest and is very closely watched outside Ryzom, both on social networks and on websites.
So, I call on you to help spread the word by publishing, commenting, giving your opinion about this addition on social networks and websites.

This is followed by several positive comments from attendees and a precision from Tamarea: while the translation of the emotes channel (/em) is also planned, DeepL will not allow the automatic production of meeting minutes in five languages!

Publications of websites

Tamarea (RT) – 20:08 UTC
Below are the publications of two websites:
• https://massivelyop.com/2019/08/16/ryzom-tests-multi-language-chat-tran slator-and-whips-up-a-new-map
• https://mmo.jeuxonline.info/actualite/56716/ryzom-veut-integrer-traduct eur-automatique
Do not hesitate to comment and/ore share them!
Your challenge, if you take it up: make more comments and publications about Ryzom than there are beers drunk by the Trykers!
Then don't waste any time! On your fingers, get set, go! Before you start, though, think about sending me a message to apply as a tester! This one is the meeting of challenges ! ;)

Ryzom Wiki

Zorroargh (WT) – 20:24 UTC
I am very happy and honored to see an increase in what is the most important for a wiki: its frequentation.
I note that it is being consulted more and more, thanks to all the volunteers who contribute to it.
I give the floor to Tryroamer, not without asking you to applaud the whole small team, of which Tryroamer himself is a member.

Tryroamer then proposes the use of a particular title (a kind of "university degree" – from Bachelor to PhD) to acknowledge the greater or lesser knowledge of the Lore by the character-players. The idea is that the desire of players so titled to upgrade would be for them a powerful incentive to contribute to the Ryzom Wiki.
On which Namcha points out that the Lore Team (of which he is a member) has already proposed a list of titles intended to recognize the volunteers' involvement in their character (and therefore in the Lore).
Others then ask the question of the exams to be organized to obtain such degrees, of their display in game, etc....
The meeting turns into brainstorming (Moniq
dixit) and ends in a hubbub at 21:09 UTC as Thols and Tryroamer agreed to continue the conversation in private.

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