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Slightly offtopic, but you make some awesome solo hunting videos Revvy! Ryzom has so much to offer, a true sandbox with lots of goals for every play style.


These demos are mostly from last year, sadly Ryzom do not have much to offer me anymore..
So this is act of memories ;)

I'll upload solo boss hunts also, Thank you for the feedback :)


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if there was a reasonable way to get crystals again would start subscribing again

Blackmail? How low :P
Consider it karmic payback. It's also wrong to force stuff down the throats of those who come from other places where tastes differ and belittle their feedback, but there's been a few years of that. (For now, we'll ignore that the few who can attend meetings that happen in the middle of our workday are ignored or, in some cases, told to shut up.) Maybe another 6 years of "blackmail" will balance the scales?
Ryzom has so much to offer, a true sandbox with lots of goals for every play style.
I'd like to be able to believe that, but I've seen enough people clamoring to change that and enough mechanics contradict that that I simply cannot. To be sure, we do need some restrictions, but the game itself forces players in ways that totally contradict every definition of "sandbox" if know of, and the 2603 patch made it worse. But if penalizing folks for their RP choices (especially the choice to not swear loyalty to any nation or religion) and having the game center around fame management more than anything else is the desired result then things are on the right path.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
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