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Viewing in Firefox: http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/?page=forum

Several characters are chopped off slightly, others chopped off so much that only a few pixels show.

Guild Membership (Arispotle) <-- ) is chopped
Looking for a guild or for some new members? 1 <-- 1 is chopped 1 Vldev (Aniro) <-- ) is chopped
2 days ago


That is caused by windows cleartype, I have been told, and is specific to Firefox. Viewing the page in Chrome makes the "1" show up normally, for instance. Not sure if anything can be done about that.


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Well when I type words that contain r and n side by side (like learning, for instance) it really looks like a m. That's the ingame browser. :p


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should work now.


perfect! thanx


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