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#1 [en] 

I am attempting to be a returning player.

I had my account and password, but the forum, and tech support, both demanded the character name. After several years gone, I had forgotten the name. I never needed to enter it, because I signed into the account and was given a choice of my characters. Fortunately, I made a lucky guess. Otherwise I would never have been able to contact support for help.

Now I cannot play my formerly-free account unless I pay. It was supposed to be free forever with limitations, which I accepted. But the game was never stable enough at the start to keep me playing. I wanted to try my character again, but if the free trial is now time-limited, that should be made apparent in the game description and at login.

#2 [en] 

Never heard about any trial these days. Even unsubscribed accounts can log in with limits close to f2p.

What type of account does it says here?

What error you get on log-in attempt?

Did you discuss this problem with support?

You can use support@ryzom.com to contact support or Ryzom Chat to reach a CSR online and ask about your options.
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