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Level 250 Dodge 2 Focus Boosted (165) White Choice Medium Quality Tryker Light Armor For Sale.

Bidding starts at 2M. Auction closes UTC December 4, 2017 14:59. All bids are appreciated and accepted. Highest bid wins.

If you have any questions please ping me or send me an IG mail.

Happy Bidding! :D

LA Details can be seen below:

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2 Million dapper


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All pieces of high-quality? (plan3)

My bid: 4.5m

I'd bit more but that dress doesn't look too cool on guys.


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Hey MJ: No the outfit is medium quality (plan 2) not HQ.

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5M x 2 = 10M take 2 LA if you have

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Thank you to everyone who bid. Bidding is now closed. Highest bid was Yenno. Congratulations Yenno! We can exchange next time we are both online.


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GG Yenno ^^

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I am still unclear if 15M was a bid for 1 or 2.

Anyway, gz Yenno :)


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I am hoping one, since that is all I was selling.


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