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Daomei finishes her much belated report about the botanic expedition in the Verdant Height and sends it by an Izam to Wuoai

Dear Orphie and Wuoai

My apologies for the delay of my report about the botanic expedition in the Forest Quarta, Mystia 4, 3. AZ 2595. The objective was the search for suitable plants and plant parts to absorb the goo outbreak in the void. As reported by Mc'od Bittty, the magnetic barrier has contained much, but not all of the goo progression, and did not prevent further expansion of goo in some parts of the void.

Insofar, the efforts of the Matis to find a botanic solution of the remaining goo troubles were utterly welcome. Ser Cuiccio Perinia had found out in the meantime that a certain sort of Psykopla seeds may serve for this purpose. Namely, it was a special variant of the Dehydrated Psykopla sort which he considered most suitable. He remembered to have spotted these plants at a certain part of Fleeting Garden, close to a bamboo shrubbery. Yet he was not sure about the exact location anymore.

But he was confident that he needed about 100 buds of these plants he intended to prepare with special potions, enabling the seeds to absorb and contain the Goo when planted there. He explained the process of planting more than that of preparation, and not being a botanist, I did not fully understand everything and do not recall all details, moreover, to my impression, Ser Perinia remained tacit about significant intricacies of that process.

The expedition party left from the Greenhouse in Yrkanis and headed towards Fleeting Garden. After some time of fruitless search, the special psykopla were found, indeed close to bamboo bushes, between the High Watchers bandit camp and the Den of Fury.

Harvesting the plants prove ways more complicated than expected, as the plants showed a significant resiliance against attempts to bring them down. Additionally, only a small fraction of these plants contained seeds.

After a while, the plants strengthened their defenses in a way Ser Perinia had predicted to some extent, but which was completely new to the participants. They managed to summon creatures from the environs to attack us and to hinder us to harvest the seeds. Waves of menacing gingos arrived, so many that it was quite hard to fend them off. Sadly, the mektoub mount of Ser Zhan was killed by the gingos, and the members of the harvesting party had to be healed, and often resurrected from koma, and had to retreat several times.

After the gingo packs had been exhausted, herds of raspals attacked us, a somewhat easier opponent, and also normal psykoplas around us. It took considerable time to control these attacks, and finally to harvest the seeds to the satisfaction of Ser Perinia.

We are now expecting the seeds to be prepared and brought to the goo infested regions. Hopefully this will settle the nasty problem once and for all.

Daomei Lin Carthan
Ranger Companion

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