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#1 [en] 

Dear readers,
Sorry for the triplicate
I seek to categorize my Poems by , category?
I promise to make the triplicate worth it, I will
Post to all three threads

I miss
My friends
My loves
My life

I wish
I could be
I could touch
I could

Where, where are you?
The ones who understand?
I demand you,
Come see me.

I'm sorry.
I want to tell you.
I want to know you.
I want to be known.

Forgive me.
If I could tell you
If you ever know
If you are mad

You will be
But you love me
But I love you

Thank you
For reading
For teaching
For so much

Does this poem
Even have
Four line

I can't
I can't see
I can't know
I can't live

This place
My world
My home
My heart

Welcome me
Please understand
Please forgive
Please welcome

My family
How I miss you
How I long for
How I need you

I don't
It doesn't matter if
If you hate me,
If you love me.

I love you anyway
I need you anyway
I want you anyway

I sigh,
I miss,
I yearn,
For you.


#2 [en] 

As promised, more to come.
My friend, this one is for you.
Of those who
Visit this place,
There's one
Humble and loyal.

Years pass and,
This one is
Still here.
Why for, who can be sure?

For this one,
This renoun,
Sits peacibly,
Helps all.

Careful not of,
The self,
They have
Disclosed many things.

In trust,
Blind at that
Honored they will be.
A welcome addition always.

A dear friend,
If only they could
Know how much.
Continuing community.

With ideas and wishes
Seeking always others,
Encouraging always inclusion,
They are no less than, Family.

Dear friend,
I don't even recall
How long I've known you.
You never pressed (much), thank you.

Let not politcs
Embitter yourself.
Continue to always,
Let your Art free.

Years ago,
It was a great honor
To have your company
Years after, it is the same.

Continue to be,
All that you are.
Despite all others,
Fly above and grow.

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#3 [en] 

On a roll tonight.
Thank you so much, all my inspiratitions, my family.

Oh, my friend,
How happy I am
That you are
Sad and, not sad.

You may not remember
But when we met,
I was concerned for you
Were you okay? My heart bled.

And you told me,
You were happy.
Truly I was confused
But I was glad too.

Always at the ready,
Should anyone need you,
You are there,
Able and Willing and Loving.

Not a question from your lips,
You provide, with no return
With no benefit, with no..
Thank you on behalf of everyone.

Sweet and Dangerous,
But always Strong
You'd be blushing about now,
Be Proud.

All these things,
They do not exlude
Each other, no.
You are all these things, and more.

Should you need a hand,
You shall always have one.
Thank you for your company,
For your sincerity, For you.

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#4 [en] 

Don't say I didn't warn you

Hello, you.
What kept you, darling?
These days are brighter now.
With someone to be adorable for.

You are not, just,
You are you, and you,
You are plenty.
You words made my day.

You're bold and true,
How I Love your..
Your declaration, your
Words of profession.

And you say, I'll make you fall..
That beating in your heart,
The one that trembles and reaches outward;
That there is what life is meant for.

Don't let my lips reach you.
Don't tempt me.
I'll take my time,
Trust me darling one:

By the time I'm done..
You'll know your true weakness;
Is not where my touch goes,
But whom you shudder for.

And when you go forward,
I'll steady you,
With arms around your waist.
Go, be amazing darling one.

And when the danger's gone
Even still, be careful.
Wherever you may be, I'm there.
Be careful, come back home.

To me.


#5 [en] 

To you,

The only thing I'll say, Is this:
Fall and fall, Life is short-
Fleeting moments are what..
Life is made of, at heart.

But, dont rush;
Enjoy the minutes, each second.
Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone;
We have today, And this moment..

And the next...
And the next,
And the next.
Taste each one.

With me.

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#6 [en] 

I'm sure you have
Many to rely on.
But, should you wish it,
Company you can always find.

May you have,
A better season.
May your laugh,
Permeate the halls.

I've got the blankets,
You handle the pillows.
I fall asleep now.
And remain hopeful for you.

Leave past years where they are,
Reach for better, for more.
There's supposed to be more;
But these eyes are closing.

A laugh such as yours
Brings happiness to all.
So then, you deserve
Thousands of beautiful years.

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#7 [en] 

I'd sing to you if
If I were brave.
You make me soar.

Never known love like this.

If all was illusion,
I'd do it all again.
You make me feel.

Requited, you love like this.

I'd fly with you if
If you'll have me.
You are my hero.

Always have I felt hope.

If all was ending,
I'd stop time itself.
You show me heaven now.

Bursting, my heart is yours.


#8 [en] 

This, the fate of old souls,
To be the only, the one left,
Standing in the doorway.

I'd call to you,
All those sleeping souls,
All who will always return.

But why, needlessly,
And you ask me to get up,
When you walk in another place.

Hence I am still,
The one still here
Your promised arrival, late.

And to the one who stands,
With me now and always
I love you I love you I love you.

So to those who ask,
Where is this poet,
Answers, with his loved.


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