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It seems like my last post in the Eye of the Tyrancha News thread on the Arispotle Roleplay forum is causing most people I talked to opening it in game to freeze. It's a long thread with multiple pages and many screenshots. The post itself wasn't any longer than other individual posts in that thread but I think the last page of the thread just got way too long

I edited this last post leaving only one line of text and started a new thread (volume 2) for the Eye of the Tyrancha articles. The post itself is now on a separate thread and working fine. But the last page of the old thread is still causing freezes.

Any ideas?


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Blame the French. 0=)


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10 rows per page showed that thread fine. 100 rows per page crashed.




This Problem is already known, as not only this thread was long enough to cause it ;)
I mylself filed a ticket some time ago ;)

As far as I know,: "They´re working on it."


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Just use the game, forum and tools within reasonable limits, without blowing it out of all proportions and avoiding excessive settings, and most things will work fine ;)
Be careful with your old lady ^^ .. and the French :P

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Blame the French. 0=)
French rock! After all they came up with all of this crazy stuff we complain about :P

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