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I generally craft choice items, but I do use some fine mats, but the overall quality is still choice.
I know that by using fine mats will change the statistics of the items, and I know while I generally make crappy items (of choice quality), and there are crafters than make worse items than I do.

I know that ultimately it doesn't really matter, but... DOES IT MATTER?


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Yes --
The name doesn't matter, but I think it looks at the majority of the mats you use and assigns the name based on that. I.e. 20 excellent amber and 7 fine bark and 6 basic fiber will give you an "excellent high quality amplifier of ...."

Amplifiers are a very good example, since the recipes for the amber ones in specific make a *much better* amp if you use choice and fine bark and fiber than if you use excellent bark and fiber with your sup amber.

Other than that, which is covered by "...will change the statistics...", it also matters for things like clothes, where the color will change depending on the mats used.

As far as crafting experience is concerned the quality of the materials has no effect.

If you have some other meaning for "Does It Matter?", then I don't understand your question.


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I could give ya  detailed explanation, but it's better said here...

https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/23853/7 #7


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Yes --
The name doesn't matter, but I think it looks at the majority of the mats you use and assigns the name based on that.
20 for Basic
35 for Fine
50 for Choice
65 for Excellent
80 for Supreme

These values also determine the prefix of a crafted item. If you calculate the average value of the stats a crafted item displays in the preview and compare it to the chart above, you can determine the item's prefix. If your average value is above the average for the grade, the prefix will be that of the next higher grade. For example, if your average is between 51 and 65, the prefix will be Excellent. If it's at 50 it will be Choice. This seems to work for most cases, but there have been some exceptions to the rule due to rounding or other issues.

Stats do matter, prefixes not really.



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Good indicator of that ... use 1 excellent mat in an otherwise all choice recipe for LA.  Won't change stats much but it makes it an "Excellent" piece of LA


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