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Daomei started to write down her report about the erection of the barrier against the Goo. Feeling that words alone are not sufficient she travels back to the barrier to take a couple of lucios. After that she feels ready to finish her report

On Dua Thermis 14, 3.AC 2595, Master Magnetizer Gioi Qiai-Zhan had called to gather for the erection of the magnetic barrier in void in the city of Hoi-Cho. The materials gathered previously (240.000 ambers of different kind and grade, and 2500 magnetic cards) had been distilled to packets for a magnetic barrier, and already loaded onto 3 mektoub packers deployed to the stables of Hoi Cho.

The expedition started, heading to neigbouring region, then to the Void in direction of the Kami altar. On our way, we were attacked by groups of bandits, obviously eager to grab the valuable load. It took some time to suppress their attack, they did not pose a serious threat, though.

After reaching the Kami altar, Gioi unloaded a huge box from which we could obtain packets. The orders how to deploy them were not fully clear from the beginning, and it took a time until we encountered a large Goo mound northwest of the altar, deep in the Goo. We learnt to form heal chains to allow a packet holder to reach the mound and deposit the packet. Yet our task remained unfinished due to too many packets dropped prematurely, and we proceeded towards the next anchor of the barrier, the Karavan altar. Before, a flock of purple gubanis emerged from the mound. They were not aggressive, initially but became agressive like any normal gubani when attacked, and prove fairly strong.

At the Karavan altar, we were ways better organized and soon started to organize a heal chain and to deploy the barrier packets to the Goo mound. Yet, here flocks of goo infected najabs emerged. They prove fairly strong, and attacked in full groups, like social creatures, and forced us to retreat. Most nastily, they even attacked when coming back from their fairly long pursuit range (250m if I measured correctly). After a time we succeeded in suppressing the attack and continued to deploy our packets. On success, a golden glow enshrined the goo mound indicating that the magnetic barrier had started to build up.

We then had to master the problem that the third mektoub had run away when encountering the deadly najabs. After some time, we found it (Siela did) in the paramount stock tunnel, and could get it to follow us to the last goo mound near the Kitin observation camp east of Zo-Kian Ruins Workshop. Here, flocks of goo contaminated Gibbai attacked us once we started deploying the barrier packets. This fight prove even more challenging and at times unnerving than the fight against the najabs. But eventually we prevailed, and that goo mound started glowing golden as well.

So we had only to return to kami altar to finish the uncomplete work. Fortunately, enough packets were left over to do so. After some effort, our work was done and that Goo mound, too, was covered in the golden glow of the barrier. Gioi thanked us and returned to Jen Lai.

The final effect of the barrier will only uncover after some time (OOC next patch). But our work is done.


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