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The look and style of Ryzom drew me in, the ability to play natively on Linux hooked me. I asked for help, and drew great response from a wonderful community. I was ready to throw money your way, for membership/premium or whatever you might be selling.
Then a CSR pops up on my screen...
has a major problem with my name "linux"
can't proceed any further without renaming my toon
refused to discuss it, other than to tell me it was a copyrighted object (no&no)
would not respond to any of my attempts to rename my toon
after noticing others' names scroll by, with drug references and personal insults among other things, i got mad at being singled out for 'linux' and told them to change my name to 'F**kYou'
Ryzom could possibly be a magnificent game, but now i will never find out. You probably won't miss the small percentage of my linux buds that will hear about how you treat new players, but if i can reach out to windows and steam folks, you can bet they will be leery of entering your world.

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mv linux windows

"windows" is a common name that you find in any dictionary… you shouldn’t have any copyright issue !

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Oh and that little made you leave? I see you would do in 2 months anyway.

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At the same time it is not very difficult to be a little bit imaginative to find a name that integrates with Ryzom a little better . If you leave Ryzom because of that it's a shame, unless there is something else...

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You have to follow the rules of any online game, ryzom being no exception. I don't see the problem here, except someone looking for attention.

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Are you really saying "Linux" is not trademarked? True it's open source, but it is trademarked.

I tried to find a proper source and found this:

"The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from the Linux Foundation, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a world-wide basis."

on this page: https://www.linuxmark.org/programs/legal/trademark/attribution

I don't think it's fake.


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Naming Policy
1. You may not use names that are copyrighted or trademark characters, materials or products (e.g.: Fujistsu, Whiskey, Tylenol).

Look I like people just as much as the next guy and I'm a fair nice person but you're honestly wrong this time, so , keep your dignity and understand that the CSR is just doing his/her job, you know?


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So perhaps the CSR did not phrase things in the best way possible. The underlying issue remains: this is a roleplaying game. Having people called "VorpalBlade" or "AptGet" running around is sort of distracting from the immersion, you know.

Regarding the other point, that there are several other people with equally wrong names .. CSRs tend to react to player reports. Apparently "Linux" stands out more than others, eh? You could easily report the other people if you really wanted to "get even".

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I was the CSR concerned and I am never rude nor as completely intractable as I was made out to be.
The simple fact is that the player considered that I was being unreasonable and would not offer any sensible alternative name. The only options given were dismissed on the grounds of being offensive.

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It's a pity that you let such a little thing as a name deter you from exploring the rootball. The CSRs have to uphold the rules and, if you see a name that offends you, report it like Mj said; it works both ways.


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