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Some Ryzom players exploited a flaw using the Ryzom Core compiled client, which gave them permission to access and use a command which is normally inaccessible to ordinary users. This command allowed them to obtain stanzas which could not be bought at the trainers (for higher levels than were available to them, or for some non-implemented auras.) These stanzas were found on the action bars of at least one of their characters, which indicates that these players really did use the exploit.

Measures that were taken

The accounts of Foqc, Nrezef and Zenfy, on which exploits have been seen, are categorically banned from Ryzom servers.

The flaw allowing them to create enchantments with stanzas which are not available from the trainers was corrected at last reboot. This patch for crystallized spells and non-available stanzas includes:
    • automatic removal of illicit stanzas
    • automatic removal of illicit enchantments placed on weapons
    • automatic removal of crystallized spells containing an illicit spell


We stay at your disposal to answer your potential questions.

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