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The Deceptive Roots

In an unmapped tunnel in the Lands of Umbra, a Tryker with slightly paler skin than those of the surface, writes in a journal in the light of a radiant plant.

"Prima, Winderly 13, 2nd AC 2595

The atmosphere was moist, as expected of the Prime Roots of the planet, and the luminescent plants dimly lit the way. It is an elongated region, due to the encircling formation of the roots, and it creates the illusion of an endless plain. It is easy to get lost in the various crevices and hidden tunnels, or the gentle radiance of the various flora that grow upon Atys's bark of the past. Strangely, I have not seen any Kitin Patrols that most speak of in abhorrant tones, but that is not to say the Kitin presence is not there. They are always there, lying in the shadows along with other aggressive fauna, and the combination of the Root's beauty and the dark shadows makes it a deceptively dangerous place indeed; but when one's sight fails, as it often does when away from the light giving plants, sound becomes the best ally, and your worst enemy. Although, any distance away from any Kitin is most desired, no matter how passive. As for the other aggressive fauna-"

*Kincher roars in the distance*
Startled, but not unfamiliar, the Tryker returns to his journal, his previous train of thought forgotten.

"There may not be Kitin Patrols but that does not mean they do not migrate. Time to flee!"

The Tryker finishes his final thoughts, closes the journal, and swiftly dashes deeper into the Prime Roots, away from the Kitin.

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Eyes of Sleight

In Pyr, at a local bar, a Tryker writes in his journal to pass the time and collect his thoughts before he continues on his journey.

"Holeth, Folially 18, 2nd AC 2595

I am not unfamiliar with the more populated areas of the New Lands, after all, it is necessary to go up to the surface to restock on supplies. Although, the locals are always grateful for my journey here, as I deliver water from the lakes, there are always some sideways glances of suspicion. Spending a lot of time in the Roots tends to alter how others act around you. Some respect your strength to stay in underground places like the Prime Roots, others become suspicious of why you would make such a choice. I wonder if such people are like that because of the Chlorogoo tribe, a group of Trykers seem to attack outsiders on sight like bandits, from what I've seen them do to travellers that stray too close to their camp."

The homin stops writing to order a drink, then carries on.

"Despite those kinds of people and their suspicions towards me, it is refreshing to know that there is always a place I can go if the normal places I tread in become too dangerous. Even if it is within direct jurisdiction of a larger Nation."

The journal is then closed as the drink is served. He enjoys a couple before paying and leaving, ready to set out and return into the planet's Roots.


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Arcane Mysteries

Prima, Thermis 12, 2nd AC 2595

While running along on his way from the Desert to the Lakes, a tryker recollects an entry he wrote down some time ago, and begins to expand his thoughts on a part that's been itching his mind for a time.

"In one of my previous entries, I wrote that some respect a homin's strength to choose to stay in the Roots, away from the four civilizations. I have come to realize, that my own strength does not stem from brute force, but through cunning, and most especially, magic. Some of the most powerful magic, stems from healing, but the more impressive, both visually and in effect, is derived from the elemental powers. However, they all seem unique in their own way, especially the magics honed from each race and their respective environment."

The tryker comes to a halt, realizing there are hornchers blocking his way. He gauges if he can take out one, he can sneak past, so he puts on his magic amplifiers, figuring he can get about two spells to test its resistances before he needs to switch to using the Sap imbued in the amplifiers themselves. The tryker then moves into a martial stance, ready to begin with his chain.

"The Tryker, my own race, have learned to hone the primal power of the Lakes and its winds into a violent vibration effect called Shockwave."

The tryker then makes a fluid movement, invoking the power of Shockwave, becoming rigid in midair before slamming down to release the skill. However, the horncher seems to have resisted it a little bit. He moves to the next element.

"The Fyros have learned to hone the primal power of the Desert into Fire."

Taking a strong-armed stance, the tryker gathers the power of fire in his left palm before launching it.**

"The Zorai have learned to hone the powers of lightning into Electricity."

Taking out a crystallized spell, the tryker crushes it and imbues the amplifiers with it. He then turns and begins to run, activating the spell in the amplifiers at the horncher behind him.

"Finally, the Matis have created the power of Poison, though it is unclear how. Perhaps through their mastery of Botany, would be the likely hypothesis."

Taking out another crystallized spell, he repeats the process again, and proceeds to invoke it until the horncher that has been chasing him falls. He stops running, retraces his steps, and continues onward.

"All of these are impressive. However, I often wonder what other magic exist. What kind of elemental magic would appear from someone who drew upon the energy of the Prime Roots domain, created a new arcane skill from these ancient energies that are left untapped? Some would suggest Rot, but that feels like a diluted form of this domain's energy. What would happen if you stood in the pure sap lakes in the Trench of Trials or the Abyss of Ichor, and honed its Sap? Would it empower you to only be limited by your vitality?"

The Tryker pauses for a moment, entertaining the thought, but then, a new train of thought enters his racing mind, taking on a darker tone.

"Could the Goo be a magic creation experiment gone wrong, its energies of honing the Prime Root's affinity to Rot gone rampant? If so, could the Goo itself become a new strain of magic? So many questions, although, I fear the answers will only beget more questions."

With that final thought, the tryker marches onwards, instead focusing his mind on staying alert for any hostile fauna or kitin that might come his way.

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Of Disatisfaction & Powers

Along The Fallen Tree, in Windy Gate, a page of paper can be found stuck in the bark. The act looks deliberate, as an item would not normally be found there, and still be legible in full.

"Quinteth, Floris 23, 2nd AC 2595

One of the few things that the Prime Roots have, that the surface does not, is the lack of significant presence from any government, faction, or higher power. It is both a boon and a curse, allowing them to have conflicts in the shadows, but, also allowing for unpopular views to be shared without fear of scrutiny from opposing views. As such, I have come to grow very disatisfied with the higher powers, and the other factions.

To begin, the factions that boast of Higher Powers are stagnant. They themselves, intertwined in an eternal conflict, only relenting when a common foe like Kitin come, get nowhere. They use countless homins to fight for their cause, homins who die, are resurrected by their own deities, only to repeat the same process. But in the end, the Kami and Karavan themselves gain nothing from it, and lose nothing from it. Very rarely do you see them in combat, and usually around their temples for defense, never on the front lines. In the end, hominkind will become their pawns. However, their teleportation is useful for now, and the use of it can be necessary, despite my views noted here.

Now, one might say, with what little information we have, that those views sound like a Trytonist's. But they are just as bad, manipulating the two powers into meaningless conflicts over temples and things that do nothing but glorify the power's views of their own deity, as seen in Erlan's chronicle of the Revelation of Tryton in 2528, then made reality in 2530 in the Temple War. Such manipulations will only feed and complicate the Kami and Karavan's eternal conflict, and it has yet to be seen what solution they offer, other than believing in the views of their leader or whatever it is, making them the same as the Kami and Karavan."

The page ends with the previous paragraph. It looks incomplete, however, a deeper inspection of where the first entry was found reveals a second behind it, scrunched up.

"Next, we have the Rangers. The ultra pacifists. They are found to generally be regarded as indifferent to all alignments and nationalities, even marauders, and even I can see why, but that does not prevent me from criticizing them. They take pacifism to an extreme, only fighting in self defense, even if the opponent would be a marauder. I often wonder what would happen if a village nearby was raided, for example. Would the Rangers step up and defend them, or adhere to their 'self-defense only' precept, leaving the Village to die or fend for itself? I suppose one of their redeeming qualities would be their disregard for affiliations of any power or nation, requiring their members to be in good standing with all, although, that in itself is an affiliation on its own. However, they do mediate conflicts when possible and it is a good thing that they do not aid any one side, or else they would simply be part of the problem when it comes to any conflict.

Finally, we have the marauders. The enemy of all, claiming that governments seperate homins, and are quite a force to be reckoned with. However, they are the worst of them all, having sworn revenge on everyone that aren't their own. If they are victorious in their efforts of conquest and capitulate all nations and powers, they will bring about an age of endless conflict, either enslaving those that do not adhere to their views or simply doing away with them if they are not useful. Such a path is only natural to breed rebellions, and a dark future for many years; and if they are successful in repelling such events, perhaps peace may be achieved, but at a very heavy cost. In time, in a marauder ruled Atys, they will begin to fight among themselves, becoming restless and eventually seperating into marauder versus marauder, begining the cycle again. Their failing is that people will have a natural tendancy to seperate themselves to maintain their own values, their individuality. For everyone to fall under one banner, the Marauder's world view, is to discard your own views, your individuality, or become their pawn by other means, or be discarded.

A synthesis of all the views held must be achieved, however, it will take a very long time of thought and analysis before I can find a solution with what little information I have now."

At the end of the page, there are a few more lines, but they are scribbled out, almost as if in frustration, leaving only a few letters legible.

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The Goo

Along the walls of the Prime Roots, a tryker is sitting to rest from a long trek. He observes the environment, listens the to various sounds of the fauna, and reflects on it in his journal.

"Quarta, Thermis 28, 3rd AC 2595

It is difficult to think, and difficult to focus my attention on more than one task. Even writing this feels a little weird. I heard how bad it was in the Void, but I'd never think I'd be exposed to that much goo. Hopefully our efforts keep it from running rampant again. It wouldn't be good for anyone if it devoured our homes. As for myself, I... should really get moving again and let my body expel this alien substance. Perhaps I should use my new-found relation after doing many favors* and pay a visit to the Chlorogoos, perhaps they might know how to alleviate this ailment as a tribe known to experiment with Goo."

After finishing the last statement, the tryker gets up, and looks around. His violet eyes, seemingly a little more pronounced more than usual, dart back and forth looking for aggressive fauna. He stumbles a bit, and then runs into the darkness once more.

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Inquiry of Spirituality

In the Elusive Forest, near the Lands of Plenty, a tryker centers himself on a small hill with a small depression at the peak, among the ruins of previous occupation long past and never reclaimed. Surrounding the ruins are countless Rotoa trees, Toopetz stems, and Ploomweeds whose luminescence reveals the surrounding area. Beside the tryker lies his journal, wide open with a new entry.

"Tria, Germinally 15, 4th AC 2595

The ruins of the Lands of Plenty Research Center. If it were not for the ruins of homin-made structures, one could mistake this serene place for a simple grove, a tranquill place. The varinx nearby never enter it completely, either, making it an ideal place for one to rest, think, or... center oneself.

If there is one thing to be grateful for, it would be the spirituality of the Zorai and the Kami. Their faith and strength in spirituality is simply amazing, although, I maintain a stance where a full subscription to any one belief system, should not be a blind one. However, in this calm place within the Prime Roots, even a homin with a chaotic nature such as I can feel some sort of connection with Atys, if but a faint one. Down here, far away from homin civilizations within the Prime Roots, all it takes is for one to stop, listen, and observe. Or, rather, be still with the environment, to hear the distant cries and sounds of the creatures that live here, to feel the soft wind currents of the underground caverns, and to see the radiant plantlife that thrives down here. Such simple acts, yet they can make you feel the liveliness of the planet itself. It makes me feel... whole, but it always begs the same question.

How do I make this connection deeper?"

After some time, the tryker packed his journal, got up, and ran south into the field of Toopetz, continuing his cycle of travel.


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Of Homins Long Forgotten

Not too far from a small Jubla forest and dangerous Zerx, a tryker sits in a clearing with some stones that become familiar in design upon closer inspection. The tryker writes his thoughts...

"Quinteth, Nivia 29, 4th AC 2595

It is amazing what the Prime Roots can hide from a glancing eye, as I would have not found them if I wasnt deliberately looking. Within the Gate of Obscurity, north of the Kami altar, you can find a field of stones. Stones that are very similar to the gravestones in the Cemetary District of Zora, so one could make an educated guess, and deem these stones as gravestones.

If they are gravestones, one cannot help but wonder who is buried beneathe them. Unless they were recent, any writing on them would most likely have been wheathered away by the many Sap Storms and moist climate that make up this mysterious ecosystem. Perhaps a trip to places of public knowledge above ground might provide some insight, but for now, perhaps it would be better to pay my respects and remember the homins that have fallen here, whoever they may be.

After all, to be forgotten completely, all memories gone and all legacies eradicated to dust, is a fate more terrible than death. For at least in death, a name is remembered."

The tryker would then retreat to the Kami Altar and rest there until the next day to continue his cycle. Perhaps the day after tomorrow, the beginning of a new year, will bring many more insights and adventures.

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An Umbral Goal

On the edge of the Trench of Trials, within the passage that leads to the Grove of Umbra, a tryker rests while in introspection.

...Dua, Folially 8, 2nd AC 2596...

"I often wonder what my goals are, what does my train of thought expect to achieve? In the long run, I cannot be entirely sure. The topics and matters I've chosen are not so simple to create a long-term goal on a whim. However, a short-term goal seems clear to me, and I will try to achieve it if there are those who are willing to listen.

Throughout my studies, one example in particular stands out to me, and it involves the Kami and Karavan. Almost never have I seen them come together, put aside their differences, and simply hold a dialogue. They call each other evil, and label them as bad without really understanding them; never do they sit down and realize the many similarities they have. As a result, they do not entirely understand each other, and I find this... baffling.

So, what are my goals while being down here, in the roots? In short, for every traveller that is willing to listen, I want to challenge their ideals, their beliefs, and provide a contrast that seems lacking."

After his final thought, the tryker's daydream-like state is broken. He gets up, looks around for a couple moments, composes himself, and proceeds through the passage into the Grove of Umbra.

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Contrast & Betrayal

While sitting along the western wall in the Gate of Obscurity, a tryker rolls a peculiar crystal around in his hand; his familiar journal lay open on the ground on the most recent entry.

"Dua, Nivia 20, 3rd AC 2596

It is a quiet thing to fall, ever so quickly, but that is in the eye of the beholder. But it is not a fall to evil, as others would describe it, but rather the fall of the chains that anchor my point of view from the Kami. In truth, I lacked perspective of the other side, as I could only see what everyone else saw; their ferocity in battle and hatred for the powers and nations, anarchist murderers. But something felt missing, a lack of understanding, so I sought them out, and decided to see the world through their eyes. This act became a betrayal of the self, my previous world view, and a betrayal of those I call friends, all for the pursuit of insight; I can only hope for their understanding. For now, I walk into darker shadows, and take on a path of exile from all societies, to walk with the Marauders.

But that is not my only reason. I cannot fathom anyone would radically change sides for the pursuit of comprehension. There is a steep power inbalance, and I have grown discontent with the lack of growth; the Kami becoming a stagnant thing. To hold such power and do nothing with it, not even challenging each other's views within the faction, or finding an area on which to improve, is something I find abhorrant. I am not content to sit around while I hold some degree of power, and while my chosen goal of teaching and challenging common belief remains, I will do it from a distinct disposition."

The tryker stops rolling the crystal around, and gathers his journal up. He looks at the remaining kami teleport pacts in his bag, and destroys all of them. The crystal then glows a little fainter as he transports to somewhere else on Atys.


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((2 months ago? It's been a while. I think it's a good time to resume))

Deeper Roots

Within the entrance tunnel to the bowels of Atys, a tryker rests and writes.

"Prima, Pluvia 13, 2nd AC 2597

It has been quite some time. The sight and sounds of the forest almost seem foregin to me, but they are not so easily forgotten. Such pleasantries are often observed first and foremost, and they please the mind and spirit to know there is much life around oneself. However, more easily lost but perhaps even more important to remember the dangers of the forest. The camoflauged cuttler that lie in the distance, the large torbak waiting to strike, and the Gibbai who have wandered far from the jungle, are all dangers to keep a memory of, as they are the less pleasant but more important memories to keep. Yes, it has been quite some time since I last walked upon the surface of Nexus Minor.

The air is damp; had I not known what desert air felt like I would describe it as dry when comparing it to the atmosphere of the Prime Roots. To some, this place could be considered part of the Prime Roots with the only paths in and out through the depths, and my views of the place are not so different. While the Flora and Fauna of the Nexus are different from the Prime Root, to me, it is another tunnel to walk; the ceiling an endless blue instead of black, for one example.

However, where I am going, it is necessary to ascend to the surface in order to dive even deeper than before, and I did not come here to express my musings of Nexus Minor. I want to see the ruins, the failings of the deepest roots we know of, and perhaps some new sights. Already I miss the silence and empty howling of the wind in the distance."

The tryker stops writing and gets up from his resting place, dusts himself off, stores his journal, and starts the decent from Nexus Minor into the Wastelands.


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#11 [en] 

Defeat in the Wastelands

In the Wastelands, east of Saplake Major, a tryker centers himself on a hill with a depression at the top that lies among ruins of the distant past, not unlike the one in the Lands of Plenty within the Elusive Forest. With the Kitin Patrols far away for the moment, he writes.

"Quinteth, Germinally 5, 3rd AC 2597

Land of Continuity, Sunken City, and Forbidden Depths; it is these three regions that are a part of what is considered the deepest Prime Roots homin-kind is allowed to venture through, the Wastelands. It is here where the most dangerous predators lurk, the strongest herbivores live, and the most daring homins living in tribes or bandit camps. However, like all other regions, many ruins of outposts and workshops of the distant past dot the landscape and serve as a reminder of why we do not settle in the Prime Roots with the current state of homin-kind; why they tried with the tragedy of the Old Lands within recent memory is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps it was optimism that encouraged us to set up outposts in the Wastelands; a hope that we would guard against any new Kitin threat and hope we aren't followed. Maybe it was arrogance, and in that foolish pride they thought they could settle the Prime Roots like they had other regions. In the end, it did not matter, for the Prime Roots is the original home of the Kitin, and it shall remain that way.

So far, I have walked the Forbidden Depths, walked through the ruins and kept safe distance from Kitin Nest there, and I have also walked through Sunken City and its ruins. And while I have not personally walked the Land of Continuity, I know the locations of its ruins. Thus, I have taken a liking to the ruins formally known as 'Stockdell Workshop,' as it has a hill similar to the Lands of Plenty Research Center in the Elusive Forest. If you could linger here for a while, a homin of spiritual mind could find it a place to center oneself. However, the Kitin Threat is everlasting here, with many patrols wandering around the area, and the nest in the far south. It turns this... strangely tranquil place into an ominous area, and other places into certain death. A part of me wishes to drive them back, claim these places, but another knows that it would require a great amount of resources to deal with the potential consequences.

Perhaps it was inevitable for the Kitin to settle here, as the roots are their home, and doom any homin outposts still operating. I did notice an abandoned lookout tower next to the nest entrance, so maybe they did expect to leave, or for the kitin to drive them from the Prime Roots. If the Kitin swarmed from the nest, the outposts of Forbidden Depths surely would've been first to fall, then the outposts caught between regions would be engulfed. The wave would have continued onward, destroyed the Outposts in Sunken City, and the small outposts in the Land of Continuity closer to Midway Point. Finally, the wave would be at its thinnest when it finally reached Grotto Walk Research Center, and any homins remaining there might have been able to hold for a short time, but even they would meet an inevitable end.

Regardless of how and when these outposts were abandoned, perhaps it is for the better that we leave the Prime Roots alone until we can control the surface continents adequately. For now, my time runs thin and I can see the dark shapes of a Kitin Patrol in the distance."

The tryker finishes the final statement, quickly gathers his things, and pulls a peculiar crystal out. The crystal's light dims a bit as the small homin is transported away.


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#12 [en] 

The Greatest Power

Within the Abyss of Ichor, a tryker enjoys a dip in one of the deeper parts sap lake that adorns the center of the region, safe from any predators that like the taste of homin. His light armor of fyros design, now a set of black, not white, lays on one of the various islands inside the lake near a Jubla, along with his journal that lays open on a new page. It reads:

"Quarta, Pluvia 28, 3rd AC 2597

What makes the world tick, the thing that propells the events of hominkind? Is it the power of wealth, of money that drives the markets and trade? Is it the politics, the squabbles and disagreements of the higher ups in nations and factions? Is it the cults and their deities and ideologies that drive homins forward in their name? Is it the raw, crude, and cruel power of magic and war? Is it the power of Atys' nature, the aggressive fauna, the goo, and the desire to protect oneself from it? Or perhaps is it a combination of all of these things; a knot of power forever intertwined in entropy.

Or are those things the puppet of a power much more subtle, such as the lack of consideration for consequences of our own actions. The smallest push or touch, the right homin in the right place, can send a ripple through life and manipulate the events to come for generations. We need only to look at the First Great Swarming, and those who caused it; altering the path of hominkind for a long time with conflict being created much farther down in history. In the end, it will not matter. Life, Atys, goes on, and the historians and philosophers will sort out the pieces of an unending puzzle. Perhaps the greatest power, is not the trivial things, but our ability to learn from our mistakes so we may send the right ripple through life and bring prosperity for our descendents."

The tryker gets out of the lake and beings the process of putting his armor back on. After a little time, with the bark making the usual creeking sounds and the sound of a roar of a dragon echoing, or whatever it is, he picks up his journal and, with a smile of amusement on his face, remarks:

"Or perhaps it's the soothing desire of a nice soak."

He then closes the journal and teleports away, to another place on Atys.


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#13 [en] 


The water's surface of Midway Point's shallow circular lake was calm. There was little disturbance other than the finger of the kneeling Tryker who absently played with the liquid. Beside him is his journal, but there is no new entry, not for some time. Instead, he is in deep thought, thinking about a recurring dream he's had for some time...

...Dua, Fallenor 20, 3rd AC 2598...

"I have never had such a persistent dream before; to have witnessed the same locations and environments with such clarity multiple times where it is easy to remember is a special thing indeed. I have lost count of how many times I've had this dream, and it has led me to wonder if it is more than simply a dream. Perhaps a vision of places to explore and rediscover, or perhaps a vision of my own heart's desire to see such places that may or may not exist. Maybe it'd be better to go over it slowly...

It begins with a desert. Not like the desert that we know of in the New Lands, or the Aelius Dunes I've heard so much about, but a vertically elongated region, almost like a very wide, rough oval. In the center, biased towards the north, lies a small oasis in a small crater, making it inaccesible without climbing. On the edges are various flora by the water's edge and a few flocks of Igara enjoy this small respite. It is not known what is to the north, but to the south, the dunes dotted with shooki patches and various other plants and animals gradually descend and give way to a tunnel leading into the Roots.

The tunnel is dark, windy, and has many turns, however at the end it opens up to a vast plain with rolling hills. Like all Prime Roots regions, it is dark except for the various Ploomweeds, Toopetz, and Amoebas that dimly light the way. Immediately to the right of the tunnel is a small Jubla forest, along with some Lumpers roaming nearby. Throughout the area are herbivores grazing, vicious varinx sleeping in the shadows, and more. I didn't think much of it until I dreamt a little farther tonight..."

The tryker stopped messing with the water for a moment and eyed the area around him with a moment's unfamiliarity he hasn't felt for quite some time.

He then thought to himself,
"Perhaps I need to think about the new pieces a little more."

The Tryker then picks up his journal and stands up, shaking off water from his fingers in the process. Very carefully, he walks a distance away from the lake and raises a crystal; one that whisks him away to another place on Atys.

((HRP/OOC: Fun Fact, believe it or not, I did personally have this dream, but this interpretation is slightly altered to make more sense. It was interesting trying to put this dream into words to give off the right visual.))


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#14 [en] 

...Or Premonition

The Roots was calm, and the area was full of small vegetation yet it was void of creatures, save one. The little tryker dreamt the same dream over and over, and now he lays still in deep sleep once more; tucked away in a hidden place, a safe place.

...Holeth, Fallenor 24, 3rd AC 2598...

Within the tryker's dream...

It was peculiar. Beyond the normal flora and fauna of the Prime Roots, the region was entirely void of homin activity, save myself. Even more importantly, devoid of Kitin activity as well. The plains eventually created a very soft "U" shape out of the region, slowly narrowing into a tunnel that led into more Prime Roots. Although, whether it leads deeper or not into the Roots is unknown, but most likely not. The tunnel has an extraordinary draft, more breezy than one would expect from a passage leading into more Prime Roots. The slightly bendy passage seemed to go on forever with the cool wind getting mildly stronger towards the end, until it opened up to a place found only in legend. 

The place was the most peculiar of any Prime Roots areas, and the stars were a spectacular sight from the Prime Roots. They enthralled my sight for a long while, amazed at the simple fact of seeing the stars from the underground ecosystem. However, when I finally tore my sight away, I thought it was strange there was still no Kitin activity. That is, until I turned around into Kincher Mandibles bearing down on my face, too close to react.

The tryker woke up with wild eyes, clearly shaken, visibly and mentally, from the dream; the image of two deep cuts going through him burned into his mind from the dream. He shut his eyes for a couple minutes, calming himself and regaining his composition. Then, he got up, his curiosity piqued, his caution heightened, and his exploration drive even more potent, despite the risks. The tryker ran off into the shadows, with more haste than usual, but also with a tinge of fright; almost out of character for the small homin.


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#15 [en] 

((OOC: Been too long. Finally got somethin' for everyone!))

Guilt Within Truth

A tryker sits in the familiar depression on top of a hill within the Elusive Forest. It has been quite some time since he sat in this tranquil place; the familiarity of the local radiant flora and the knowledge of where dangerous animals hid in shadow brought him some measure comfort. In his distracted state, it was good he decided to rest here, rather than a similar location within the Sunken City where Kitin Patrols. His journal, now a little more worn, lays in front of him for the second time in this particular place.

"Quarta, Harvestor 22, 4th AC 2600

There is an undeniable fact that truth is harsh; the weight of choices we make that truly have no lasting effects as we desired. It may have been some time since our... attack on Zora, but the events prior are still what haunts me. The words and demands to action I heard, the polarizing opinions, and the final choice made only in black and white. I had hoped with my words of advice and wisdom, that I could curb their desire for outright destruction, their intent to lay waste to all before them. Perhaps I did, in a way, but in the end, they still could not refrain. My attempts to create a compromise were in vain... I tried to emphasize the use of the newfound opportunity, the power they uncovered, as leverage; to make demands of their enemies, to use the shedding of blood as a final tactic, so it may not have undesirable consequences in the far future. 

Yet, they do not listen. We did not take the opportunity to make demands of the nations when we had the chance, we slaughtered their representatives and those around them. My warnings and console of long term consequence fall on deaf ears.

Know that there is some kernel of truth within the barbaric stereotype of Marauders; they will often bring conflict to meet their goals, and their mindset of such contrasts greatly with any of the Higher Powers or Nations. However, I joined to understand and learn how they are, and I learned we share similar traits of the others too; civilians, ideals, goals, a good drink, all exist. It is simply unfortunate that our combative nature is the only thing that comes to mind, and I cannot stand it. I cannot stand the thought of the shedding of blood to meet every single goal we want. I cannot stand the lack of choice to use alternatives, even when presented with them. And so I begin to ask myself: 'How can I continue to support something that will inevitably destroy everything that stands in its way?'"

After reading the passage over a few times, the tryker slowly closes the journal. He does not get up to move on, nor does he consider moving to a safer place. The only thing he can do is look out into the darkness of the Prime Roots as the final question weighs heavily on his entire being.


"To believe an ideal is to be willing to betray it." - Kreia
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