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#1 Multilingual 

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Poster stuck up in the main places where the Matis gather.
Nobles and Vassals of the Verdant Heights Kingdom,
Several disappearances have been reported to me recently. I invite you to the gazebo in Yrkanis on 2h - Prima, Floris 13, 2nd AC 2595 to decide how we are going to contain this phenomenon.

Elran Antolli, Chief of the Guild of Karavia

[OOC]On Thursday, 5 October 19:00:00 UTC (2 months ago). [/OOC]

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#2 [en] 

Jahuu writes on the corner of the poster: "Proud to have fought on your side, people of Yrkanis! May the prisoner suffer!"

The most awesome event I've been or seen! So hyped and excited for the part 2!

Event NPC talked French.. AND English! Not just poor Nilstilar/Siela/AnotherPlayer translating =D. This is actually very big deal imo, I felt like I was part of the event, and not just watching a play and dumping chatlog to translate.google.com afterwards to understand what was I part of.

Also, very well done, we got to fight for a cause, real, hard enemies. I was killed multiple times by them! It took long before situation stabilized and we took care of them. Really cool and well fought all =D


#3 [fr] 

Sur le fond j'attends le développement de l'histoire pour juger de l'event.

Sur la forme c'est très bien : un peu d'action en pleine ville où tout le monde peut participer ou voir qu'il se passe quelque chose, pas trop long donc ça ne gêne pas vraiment.

Si on pouvait utiliser l'éditeur pour créer des zones et matérialiser la prison par exemple, ce serait un plus indéniable.

Bravo à l'animateur pour sa gestion des pnjs ;-)


Ducocinnio Nono, dit Duke Nono
Chef et artisan de la maison noble La Firme
Noble Matis et Ambassadeur du Royaume auprès de la Théocratie
Gardien du Royaume et Béni de Jena

#4 Multilingual 

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While the raid on Yrkanis was still in everyone's mind, pamphlets started to circulate in the city. On each of them, one could read these quatrains, which a conscientious handwriting had meticulously copied.

Stevano in his youth,
Indifferent to the plebs,
Of his fine ephebe's oaths
Has charmed the ancient nobility.

Alas, at the outset of his reign,
Was Her Highness compelled
In breaking relentlessly
Each of his promises.

Too long its entire Court,
While despising his weakness,
Out of respect for the Queen Mother
Has waited for her to disappear.

The Forest’s elite alone,
Reckoned that wisdom,
Was a paltry councillor,
And went out of its laziness.

Thus the inheritors' kind
Recruited the worst kind
Of swordsmen and mercenaries,
Thanks to its riches.

There was no longer any retreat
Or frontier, or stronghold,
Where from the flesh of aesthetes,
Its ragus does not feed.

Of Matis, it will never cease,
To invoke the true sap,
Separating from its chaff,
The wheat of the Goddess.

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#5 Multilingual 

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Nobles and Vassals of the Verdant Heights Kingdom,
The prisoner arrested during the recent attack of Yrkanis revealed some details on his criminal organization. I invite you on 2h - Prima, Nivia 13, 2nd AC 2595 to share with you my conclusions and prepare our action.
Elran Antolli, Chief of the Guild of Karavia

[OOC]On Tuesday, 17 October 19:00:00 UTC (1 month ago). [/OOC]

#6 Multilingual 

Multilingual | Français | [English]
A few OOC explanations about this event:
    * There is one camp of the True Sap in each region of the Verdant Heights.
    * The camps will remain on Atys until they are destroyed (you can spend a few days destroying them all if you want).
    * Their level rises depending on the region where they are.
    * In each camp you will find a clue that you will have to give back to Savia Danco at the Royal Palace.
    * Only the first player who find the clue can give it to Savia Danco. Once the clue has been given it can be read (in all languages) at Savia Danco.
    * These clues make a puzzle: it is up to you to decipher it.

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