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Lost Girls are proud to announce that a fantastic position has opened up in guild: Lost Girls are recruiting Minions.*  If there are any homins who are interested in getting no respect, no pay, no chance of promotion and the slim chance that we will not kill you, this could be the perfect vocation for you.  Duties include digging, cleaning and cooking: basically all the crappy, menial jobs that we don't want to do.**

*Minions should not be confused with slaves.  For a start they are spelled completely different!  So we there is no need for a certain Ranger, who shall remain nameless, to complain that slavery has been outlawed.

**On the job training will be provided.  And just to clarify, shouting abuse and hitting males with a teaching stick is a valid pedagogic technique.  How else are they going to learn!


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hmmmmm think i can give you maybe 1 o 2 :)


From past we learn,present we live and future we make:))

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Hmmm the wife usually beats me never with a stick though.... Might be a nice change :)
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