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Scheduling information moved to separate thread

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It's not just a matter of lack of information.

Given that the majority of players are either students or working adults who are out of the house around 1100-1400, there is almost zero opportunity for many to gain Chanchey points. There are no Chanchey hunts around 0200-0500 UTC, and the "every five days" thing means a lot of the hunts happen on weekdays. Season change moves around the clock enough that each time zone has a shot at being online when it happens, but these hunts do not.

As a result, it doesn't really matter to a lot of folks if the time/date is publicized simply because, like OP battles, these hunts are pretty much EU-only. Sadly, I don't think post-Merge Ryzom acknowledges that Atys has a far wider range of time zones (and languages) amongst it's player base than any of the three pre-merge servers did.

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Thank you, FyrosFreddy, for this publicity. Gidget's comments have some verity, but by this action you have done what I would wish had been done long since.

Powers That Be, could this post be pinned to the forum, please?


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While some of the LA Bosses' (Pei-Ruz and Dante) loot is distributed (as one possibility) over the mechanism of the bosses-ryzom.com web site, there is a difference between the LA and HA NPC bosses.

The LA bosses are a single team challenge, no more than one full team is admitted to it (technically, it may be possible to smuggle more players into the area, especially at Pei-Ruz who is accessible - though not easily - from Void, but it is neither meant that way nor is it overly useful).

The 4 HA NPC bosses, Aen (desert), Lixie (lakes), Pei-Ziao (jungle), and Sirgio (forest) are multi-team challenges. Technically, it is possible to do at least some of them with two full teams of high level players. The open NPC boss hunt (created by Chanchey on Leanon long ago, longer than I am playing Ryzom) is open to everybody from every nation, creed, or alignment, from lvl100 ca. in heal upwards (few tanks needed, mostly nukers and team healers). The frequency of the raids varied in the past from 7 down to 5 days, depending on possible competitors for the NPC bosses.

The openness of the challenges has been passionately criticized by "extremist" role players who scold them as a "heresy". They are widely popular, though, attended by active guilds and players of any faction. The transparent distribution system, documented on ryzom-bosses.com, adds much to that popularity.

The time zone choice indeed poses a problem to players outside the European time zones. But mind that the event is an open one. Given you get some 20-30 strong and motivated players from the other side of the pond feel free to run a raid around 2-5UTC, pass the loot (xcpt the cats which are donated at the spot or later) to Chanchey along with a mail to him containing the names of single participants and guilds with #participants to secure just distribution of the spoils. Maybe some sleepless Europeans would participate as well.

Btw., I still do not think that these activities should be added to the event calendar.


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It's not just a matter of lack of information.

Maybe but the subject of THIS thread is to provide information. I'd prefer to keep it that way if folks have to wade thru too much stuff, then it defeats the purpose of the thread.

Ya can't please everybody all of the time and ya can't schedule anything that everybody can do, at least not with merged servers. There were several meetings on when where and how often and the date and time was selected by the group. I wasn't there... I was on a construction site when this went down.

Before the merge this was a non issue and with the merge it us ... however the schedule was determined based upon what the community asked for. Others have done their own hunts and set up schedules to their liking but with dwindling population this seems to be the only one that has survived.

Yes, the time zones are a problem, but any shift in the time that would make it better for some, makes it worse for others. What time are you suggesting ?

I am one of those "working adults" and on work days I shift my schedule to "take lunch" at 2 pm instead of noon. As for "mattering", apparently it does as Bitty posted, before this he had no idea.

I'll rename this thread to "NPC Hunt Discussion", and create a new one for "NPC Hunt Scheduling / Related Info"

I don't see the harm in adding anything to the calendar especially since that was the main complaint of the other thread. Staff effort wise its a simple one time thing. I'd also like to see major group events added by way of submission / approval of events team


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Don't think the NPC hunts should be added to the event calender either.



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Le calendrier des événements ont un lien avec le RP du jeu ou son développement (Réunion RyzomForge) pour ceux qui le suivent.

Les chasses aux boss, telles qu'elles sont conçues sont tout sauf RP et n'améliorent en rien le développement du jeu. Cela sert juste à engraisser les appartements et les hall de guilde principaux et secondaires des joueurs qui ne savent rien faire d'autre que farmer et qui sont prêts à tout, peu importe avec qui c'est fait, pour obtenir leur énième armure de boss maraudeur alors que le jeu est lui même déséquilibré au niveau des factions et qu'une armure supplémentaire parmi les 20 déjà en stock ne changera rien.

Ces chasses n'ont rien à faire dans le calendrier d'event de ryzom. Vous n'avez qu'en créé une adresse gmail dédiée à cela et faire partager l'agenda.


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dieser Kalender ist auch für Spieler Events gedacht, meinte ich und sowie der Schwarzmarkt, ist auch der npc Hunt so gesehen ein Spieler Event, nur weil keim RP darin vorkommt bedeutet es nicht das es kein Event ist ;D

ich gehe aber ehr davon aus, da es eine dauer Veranstaltung ist, die alle 5 tage sich wiederholt, wird der platz diesbezüglich nicht genutzt ^^, klar würde wesentlich besser aussehen wenn die NPC- Hunts da noch im Kalender Ständen wenn er mal wieder leer ist ^^


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The attacks by Zagh are as untrue as unprofessional. First, it is not true that the event calendar serves for RP events and development only (development is not part of the calendar, except Forge meetings). Rather, OOC events are part as well, so are major player events, be they RP or not.

In fact, the reason for these events, and their popularity, is anything but greed. I, for example, am participating with 2 full subbed accounts while by convention being counted as 1, therefore getting an average of 1/40 to 1/60 of the distributable loot. Were I greedy, I could easily gather some 14-16 high level fellow player characters for a private hunt, getting 1/8 of the loot.

Main reason for participation is the fun of cooperating with a large number of players of any language background, level, and alignment under the command of competent leaders which is in no ways easier than doing the same with 2 teams of masters. And for a neutral or Ranger, there is plenty of RP reason to interact with fellow homins that way. Also, for non extremist nation or cult aligned, this activity is clearly RP justifiable, and even for marauders with their precept of the freedom of the strongest to act on her will, there is not necessarily a RP contradiction.

The reason not to put the activity into the calendar is not founded in a narrow RP dogma of a faction of players. Rather there are pragmatic reasons: The activity is recurring often and also frequently subject of deferral and shifting, and, as I mentioned already, additional rounds might be inserted as well anytime (e.g. in a different time zone). Such would unduly flood the calendar and changes would cause extra work for the event team.

Btw, there is a WebIG application ( /appzone 1976 ) with a calendar. Only fools would use spyware like gmail and other google crap.


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Can we stop talking about this ? It's been (almost) 5 years now and it's obvious no one on either side will change his mind on the subject ; the only things these complaints achieve is spamming the forum ...

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Il faudra m'expliquer l'utilité de conserver des factions et des peuples sur ryzom si on doit faire des boss ensemble sans distinction.

Nous sommes dans un jeu avec des groupes de personnages tirés de l'histoire même du jeu. Si à la moindre difficulté (le manque de joueurs, le fuseau horaire ou autre) il faut saborder tout le concept du jeu alors autant tout effacer, ne jouer qu'un peuple, qu'une faction et se taper débilement entre joueurs tout content d'avoir réussi à avoir une armure dix minutes plus tôt avec son ennemi de l'instant présent.

En conclusion avoir un jeu totalement insipide.

Daomei, tu ne racontes que des inepties RP. Un kami et un karavan ne s'entraident pas pour affronter un boss maraudeur qui pourrait leur donner l'avantage sur l'autre. Les civils (une nation mais aucune faction), et les non alignés respectent dans tous les cas les civilisations existantes et l'hominité des nouvelles terres. Les maraudeurs sont à l'opposé de tout ça, contre les factions qui les ont abandonnés sur les anciennes terres, et ceux qui sont présent sur les nouvelles terres conservent la culture haineuse des religions, et sont contre les civilisations qui les ont oubliés sur les anciennes terres. Ils n'ont qu'un souhait, la disparition des factions et nations... de ce fait il est impossible qu'ils soient compatibles avec les joueurs alignés, civils et non alignés respectueux des civilisations.

Et dernier point à propos de Google... Paranoïa, paranoïa... le système de calendrier proposé sur le site de ryzom utilise Google Agenda... respire calmement, ce n'est rien tu ne vas pas en mourir.


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Well, that is exactly what I call dogmatism. There is clearly use of factions, peoples, and creeds even when players are acting together. And insulting me and blaming me for RP silliness or ineptness only emphasizes the lack of ability to understand and respect other players' views and playstyles. Roleplay is more than mutual hate, insult, and isolation from every member of other factions. Such roleplay may be inspiring and interesting, when carried out by a few extremists, but prescribing extremism onto everybody is an oxymoron.

As for the four peoples, rangers, neutrals, nationals and cultists, even marauders, they have different meanings for the individual player, like ethnicity, citizenship, political/social activity, and religion have in real life. Some may be profoundly believing and fanatically adhering to their faction, others may see it more like some customary habit with some duties and some advantages, or employ a fully opportunist stance e.g. for teleports (Trytonists would certainly regard religions that way in their roleplay). Some may just enjoy the company and community. Some may look down onto others outside their community, or even outright hate or contempt them. Fortunately, that is not the majority in life.

As to the Lore of Atys, since the last conflict between the nations, which resulted in a war only in two of the three sub-communities, over 38 Atys years have elapsed (on Leanon, this war did not happen, so the last inter homin wars, the Temple Wars, are 63 Atys years ago). In the meantime, the Second Swarming occurred, whole hominkind was given temporary refuge in the city of Pyr, from where the united hominkind fought their way into exile, in a battle in which both sharükos Dexton and karan Yrkanis died (for Arispotle homins, only Yrkanis). After the return, all homins together fought and eventually ousted the Kitin invaders.

It is therefore (taking in account that an Atys year is 4*4 seasons or 48 months, so the last Matis-Fyros war is about 153 "little years" ago) somewhat irrational to demand that all homins from different factions have to hate each other, to avoid interaction, and refuse to help one another in everyday's life due to events so long ago. Some may keep resentments, but to say that is the only way of RP is simply absurd.

Roleplay wise, how to act towards marauders is a complex thing. Personally, in my Ranger roleplay, no homin is my enemy. I consider them the way I would deal with participants of frozen conflicts (I have friends from such regions, so I know what I am speaking about). One may mutually strongly disagree with their party and their activities, but the rift often goes through families, and there are lots of interactions (On Leanon, we even had an event where we played a Zorai-Marauder romance and marriage). Similarly, nationals and cultists may act towards marauders.

And, to add that, the marauders we are dealing with are not the outlandish invaders like Akilia, Sirgio, Aen and their likes. Rather, they are fellow homins, coming from Silan (or the old starter islands) after the First Great Swarming, having trained with us, travelled with us, been our pals (or not) before having decided to join the clans for adventure and their interpretation of freedom. That does not turn them into aliens and monsters.

Beneath that, not everybody does RP, and many doing so enjoy RP confined to assemblies and RP events, but do not feel obliged to shape all ingame interactions along their alignment. Such behavior is legitimate and has to be respected, too.

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Roh mais Zagh!!!! Comment j'aime ce que tu viens de dire!!!!
Cette culture du "je fais amis amis avec tout le monde" sur les Boss marau est a gerber. Il n'y a plus aucun intérêt a faire du multifaction.

On passe tous Kami et puis voilà. Cette bisounourserie amené par les anglais (pour une majeur partie) est en train de tuer le RP du jeux qui est l'essentiel de ryzom (théoriquement).

Maintenant, raler parce que le gars a loupé un event alors qu'il était au NPC hunt c'est débile. Si il a choisit d'aller à la chasse et pas à l'event et bah tant pis pour lui. Et j'ai envie de dire, tant pis pour l'event, c'est moche mais si les joueurs préfère aller se gaver de stuff plutot que de participé à la vie RP du jeu bah tant pis... Arrétez les events et mettez plus de boss marau. Ça deviendra un jeu de kikoo et puis voilà tout :)

Evidemment qu'il est hors de question de rajouter les jours de NPC hunt sur le calendrier d'event OFFICIEL de la team event!

(J'attend évidemment les rageux qui vont s'empresser de critiquer mon propos en me balançant à la gueule que je n'ai pas a parler de rp ou quoique ce soit étant donné celui que je joue... ou un truc dans le genre)


Roh Zach!!!! I really like what you just said!!! This culture of “I’m being friend with everyone” for the boss hunt is just making me puke. This is literally breaking the multi-faction interactions.

Now, bitching because someone miss an event while he was taking part of an NPC hunt, it’s ridiculous. If he choose to participate to the hunt instead of going to the event… just … too bad for him. And I want to say, too bad for the event too, it’s not nice but if players prefer farming than taking part of the in-game RP…. Too bad… Stop planning events and put more marauder boss in game. The game will became an kikoo game and that’s it.

Obviously, it’s out of the question to add the NPC day on the events team official calendar’s!

( I’m waiting (anticipating maybe) for those haters who will rush to criticize my words by throw me at the face: I don’t have to talk about rp or whatever else considering the one I’m playing… or something like that )

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I agree to Lopy that this "discourse" does not lead anywhere. So calm down your hysteria, there was widespread consensus not to place the boss hunts onto the event calendar. Play as you like and leave us alone. Thank you.


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