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Letter From Jazzy to Nair-Ailan Mac’Kean
Tor Nair-Ailan Mac’Kean
Subject: Ordre Royal in the Lakes


There have been, as you already know, inacceptable events in Fairhaven during the last months.
There are marauders than we’re regularly fighting but also a guild that claims to be matis and kara: the Ordre royal leaded by Markanjio.
In fact, it is during a confrontation with the guild « Le clan de la sève noire » at the capital’s entries that a whole army from this guild has fallen on us.
I was accompanied by Nair-Naveruss and we were trying to repel the permanent threat from marauders, when some homins arrived and assaulted the fyros homina without any warning.
Stretched out by the electric atmosphere of our fight, I took part of this new fight to defend my team member. But the excess left us no chance! Neither to defend nor to explain.
Then they assaulted the marauders, acting just as wildly as them … but I was under the shock of the resurrection and didn’t follow the end of the fight.
Afterwards, their leader explained us that all the homins not following the Karavan, even the neutrals, should knew the adequate judgment.
I desire that the Karan be informed of this aggression toward an allied nation fighting a common enemy of Atys.
Grytt (thanks)
Tor Lochi! (For the lakes!)
Tryka Meer Sella (Freedom Equality Sharing)

Signed: Kyriann Ba’Zephy Rie, for Jazzy Mac’Plantey
UFA Commandant and Guardian of the Federation

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