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OK folks, please endure my little rant tonight, I am gonna be blunt and this post / thread is full ooc as per my definition.

Tonight (CEST time zone) I tried to join the tryker meeting in Fairhaven as my third RP event. Pretty much all who know me also know that I am still a Ryzom noob, started late April this year.

Since I am not patient right now and quite a bit disappointed as well, I put the conclusion right at the top:
As things are (my experience so far) it is absolutely impossible to get started into RP. Now let me explain this my opinion.

#1 Language. Most know I am German, speak English sufficiently well, and a bunch of French words. That's already bad enough, since the main language is French. Don't get me wrong, Krill and Nilstilar both did an amazing job in translation - until things got busy, hectic, confusing. I tried to piece things together from what I understood, but failed at some point.

#2 More language. Yes, I did not forget the in-game languages. Four of them. Which I do not know at all yet. And which I may never know either. Easiest way to learn them: I bet it's by picking them up in RP. But how to get started into RP without knowing them?

#3 Attendance. Was it part of the RP that half of the homins were dribbling in until half an hour after the set time? And some had to be fetched even? If it was part of RP, it's NOT acceptable judging by the importance of the meeting. If not, it's just annoying.

#4 Twists. Yeah, I have no background knowledge (how could I?). Yes, I mentioned the language issues before. Still I managed to grasp that the whole thing took some strange, to me totally inexplicable turn. From a court trial to some higher politics, and a kidnapping, if I got that right. How is a noob supposed to be able to follow these turns?

#5 Flow. This one is very much related to translations and attendance. These events felt like sticky gum to me. Ofc translating takes time, and again I am thankful to have had most translated. But besides, there were so many breaks and interruptions that had nothing to do with translations. And then, the next moment, three people talk at once, making it almost impossible for the interpreters to deliver a good translation in time and right order.

There were one or two more points I wanted to mention but forgot over the course of calming down and writing the above. But what makes ne both sad and disappointed is the fact that this is not the first attempt I failed in. That Pyr event I attended before went along the same lines. The botanical excursion in the Lakes was a different thing though, went much smoother and was kinda fun. Probably so because it was more of one homin lecturing (and the others maybe asking questions) than the much more complex interactions of the other two events.

Now that I unloaded my thoughts, let me try to find solutions to the 5 issues mentioned.

#1 and #2: I have no idea. Since I don't need them outside of Ryzom, I won't be able to learn either French nor the 4 ig-languages just like that.
#3: It's important: Be there in time. It's not, and you're late: stay absent. It is, and you are late? Sneak in, excuse yourself, have a seat, and DON'T personally greet and bow to the 20 other homins attending.
#4: That's really hard to resolve imo. Leaving the twists out would simplify things, but not resolve the underlying issue: How can a noob get background information, get the essential knowledge of things, and also names mentioned, that are neccesary to follow the course? That's one question you have to answer, since I can't.
#5: Try to keep things going smoothly. One thing I saw was talking bilingual where possible. Takes away the time needed to translate, and even if hectic you can still re-read in its original context and order. Though I feel bad asking for that since I, in turn, cannot do it myself.

Did other newbies join in there recently, or have all the RPers been around since beta already and know things by heart anyway? If so, how did others manage to join in?

My personal conclusion is to keep out of roleplay for the time being. I was not into it before, got interested and kinda failed.
Please let me know your thoughts, don't shred me to pieces, and if you have ideas on how to get me started, please let me know as well, they are appreciated!

Now have fun, keep going, I found it interesting in the very beginning!
CU Mcnoob

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#1 It helps if translation is on separate channel.

#2 Try look at Blablatys, but note its not working well (not IG) and its not complete, mixed or have wrong translations. Btw, anyone working on new version?

#3 It might be difficult make time when event is pending. RL is RL. I missed most of last events because I am AFK or I simply forgot. Sometimes I remember or someone mention it so I come. Late. See #5

#4 Sit quietly and observe. I am around bit longer than you but I can't say I know what's going on :P This part of the game requires much more time than other aspects. And yes it's also because I am lazy to study lore (nor flow on forum) and it's hard to meet and talk to knowledged homins (although many think that about themselves :P)

#5 see #1 and I think everyone on event should mind about the delay of translation. Yes, it happens that there is a point others do react on before I even got the translation, so if I won't make it even worse, i simply skip any of my own reaction.


On the other hand, look on RP from other perspective, event is not (the only) roleplay. You can do your own roleplay every moment you are around no matter of any event. Or you think you came to RL with all knowledge?

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Hi McNoob.

You must not let yourself be demoralized by the roleplay played in Ryzom, especially as you discover it through the assemblies of nations. This type of roleplay event requires a bit of experience and time to be comfortable and actively involved.

I can suggest you to discuss in roleplay with the players outside the events. This will give you a bit of experience.

The problem of languages ​​is certainly the biggest defect to be erased during events. As a reminder, before 2012, each language had its server (FR, EN, DE). I do not really have a solution to bring you here.
Perhaps the animation team with the support of developers could invent a bot translator in a dedicated channel.

(If there are mistakes in my English it is because of Google Translate, I am French and not necessarily at ease in English)

And if you need a roleplay training, do not hesitate to contact the most gaming roleplaying players (including myself).


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#1: Probier Rift-Translation für eine Google-Qualität Übersetzung. Und sonst kann man schon glücklich sein über die Übersetzungen von Krill und Nilstilar - wenn ich selber übersetze ist es viel langsamer noch, schlechter und ich habe am Schluss keine Finger mehr.

#2: Meistens werden nur kurze Teile von den RP Sprachen benutzt: Ja, nein, Aber, Entschuldigung, Hallo, auf wiedersehen. Dies versteht man relativ schnell in allen 4 Sprachen.

#3: RL ist RL, rechtzeitig erscheinen ist nicht immer einfach.

#4: Je länger man dem folgt, ohne auch teilzunehmen, versteht man immer mehr. Aber das ist natürlich sehr langsam.

Ich habe erst letzten angefangen wirklich RP zu machen. Auch ich folgte zuerst nur den Versammlungen, aber ich wurde erst richtig reingezogen im RP nur zu zweit oder zu dritt... (Du warst sogar dabei Mcnoob :P). Aber der Start kann lang sein, ja, das Einfachste ist wenn man jemanden trifft mit dem man dann regelmässig etwas macht und der schon ans RP gewöhnt ist.


#1: Try Rift-Translation for a Google-Quality Translation. And otherwise we can already be happy about the translations of Krill and Nilstilar - when i myself have to translate it's much slower and worse and at the end i have no fingers anymore.

#2: Most of the time only short parts of the RP languages are use: Yes, no, but, excuse me, hello, bye. Those are learned very fast in the 4 languages.

#3: RL is RL, appearing on time is not always easy.

#4: The longer you follow it, without really participating, the more you understand. But it's very long of course.

I only recently started really RP. I as well followed just assemblies at first, but i really got into the RP when with two or three others... (You were even there Mcnoob :P). But the start can be long, yes, the easiest is if you meet someone you then to often something with and that is already used to RP.


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2: you have only few words to know in the ingame languages, may be doing a special page with them could help

3: RP/not RP ? Yesterday, Jazzy had connexion problems, he was trying to connect for long, had to reboot computer, ... and finally was able to connect. This is not RP.
But since he was late, we integrated it in the RP.

4: I remember well, when I started playing Ryzom and attended for the first time this kind of event, I asked my guildmates for explanations. So I was able to understand most of the subjects. Don't hesitate to question your guildmates, or to find someone you know that will answer your questions.

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Think I can say Im a new player. I am playing since a little more than one year.
I am involved in RP from the beginning and I will try to explain how i did it with my poor english.
First of all, i spent a lot of time in Silan just because i was a new MMO player so i had to learn more than others perhaps.
During this time i read the forum (perhaps it's more easy in french because there is a lot of french RP player) but i get the conviction that I would like RP on mainland.
So i read all the wiki about tryker's history. Yes it takes time and during this time I was non making xp but i was enjoying this reading and begun to build my own history and background and most of all (for me) i found a RP goal.
Although all this, i was totally lost when i arrived on main land but i go on building my own history.
I think it took me two or three month to get involved in the local RP but I think the most important it's that I WANTED to get involved in it.
You have Blablatys to learn atysian languages you have the wiki to explain how tu use emotes but all of this is useless if you don't do RP. Don't need to be with millions of players to do RP. I even do RP with NPC *laughts*. Atysian languages will come easy if you use it. Just seat at a tryker's bar and you will find someone to play with you. You can even ask if someone can explain the recent events on RP mode. Trykers are pipelettes as we say in french.
Ask in your guild someone could take the time to explain history as Eleanide is doing right now for maraudeurs. These short players events are the soul of RP.
Just say "lordoy" instead of hello and after a few days you will ask "sul gan lor?" just because once you begin, you just can't stop doing RP.
I think it is important not to try to be involved in all the event because background history will be too large. I don't play fyros event at all and if i play now matis and a little Zorai events, in the beginning I concentrated on trykers events. The first one i didn't understand a lot of things as you but I asked explanations on the next days and i understood much more things on the second one.
Here's my experience. Hope you will go on making RP !
Don't hesitate to ask to drakani most of us are involved very deeply and we will be very pleased to explain although our english is not very good.


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hallo MC

ich kenne das zu gut, als ich bei meiner ersten Sitzung in yrkanis war, direkt als Vertreterin von davae, und im Grunde nicht einmal wusste was dort meine Aufgabe war bei dieser Versammlung.

gut mein vorteil war etwas mehr Hintergrundwissen, als du es wohl besitzt, hat die Situation für mich jedoch auch nicht erleichtert, weil ich ja nicht als Besucher sondern als offizieller Teilnehmer dort war.

diese politischen Versammlungen sind für mich, wenn ich dort als Besucher teilnehme, nur eine art informations treffen. dort kann ich hören und sehen, was in den anderen Ländern so passiert. ob mich das nun betrifft oder nicht sei dahingestellt. für mich ist es jedoch interessant.

für Anfänger im RP sind solche Versammlungen ziemlich over powert was die dortigen Informationen angeht, da sie wie du schon sagtes nicht viel Hintergrundwissen mitbringen.

deswegen sind unpolitische Veranstaltungen, und Events so wie zb einfach nur private treffen wo man sein Rollenspiel auslebt für Anfänger besser :)
man sitzt an seinem Lagerfeuer, es ist kalt, und bittet den anderen sich ans feuer zu setzen und unterhält sich über jena und atys ^^, trinkt zusammen vieleicht einen shooki-grok und plaudert über hoministische Geschehnisse wie zb das einem das mektoub vor einigen tagen wegen der kälte oben bei den sapsklaven eingegangen sei oder sonstige lapidar-ischen dinge ^^

das sollte der einstieg sein. nicht unbedingt diese politischen dinge wo man ohne Hintergrund Forschung gar nicht groß mitkommt.
so kannst du auch dein eigenes RP des chars entwickeln und einen Hintergrund schaffen.
du bist fremd und man bittet dich zu erzählen wo du herkommst was du treibst ect. forme erst dein eigenes character rp. dann hast du auch schon sehr viel geschafft. worauf du aufbauen kannst.
das macht dich schon sicherer auch bei politischen Veranstaltungen, wenn du dort mit deine Charaktereigenschaften teilnimmst ^^ und andere schon wieder befürchten das du bei einigen Bemerkungen dich zufälligerweise räuspern musst oder der gleichen weil du so zb deine Missgunst verkündest ^^

schaffe dir als aller erstes wenn du aktiv RP machen möchtest deine ganz eigenen Hintergrund. ob er jetzt dann 100% lore tauglich sein wird sei einmal dahingestellt. wichtig ist nur das du dich damit identifizieren kannst und zu 100% dahinter stehst.

wenn du jedoch an politischen Veranstaltungen teilnehmen möchtest, würde ich dir ehr die lokalen Sitzungen vorschlagen. da diese meist kleiner sind und dort auch nicht grosspolitische dinge besprochen werden ^^, als beispiel was in diesen lokalen Sitzungen passieren könnte ist zb die vorarbeit für spätere spieler events, oder Besprechungen, wie man sich das neue Stadtbanner vorstellt, oder ob man eine bauliche Veränderung an dieser stadt durchnehmen sollte ect. ebend nur dinge die diese kleine stadt betreffen und nicht unbedingt mit dem kompletten reich zutun haben ^^

sicher diese Ergebnisse dort werden dann oftmals als Ergebnis bei den Hauptversammlungen mitgeteilt, aber die Vorentwicklung hast du dann nicht mitbekommen, und hast kaum einen Bezug dazu.

diese lokalen Versammlungen sind auch wesentlich kleiner und nicht so gezwungen ^^, aber dort kann man auch wunderbar sein rp ausleben. wünsche und Anregungen stellen, und sogar etwas verändern im kleinen rahmen.

diese lokalen kleinen meetings, sind zb daran schuld, das Nemus ein Gehege gebaut wurde, um ihn vor den Zugriffen der Banditen zu schützen ^^, und der bau dieses Geheges oder der Antrag und diese Idee endete dann letztendlich in ein kleines player event. weil alle homins gebeten waren das benötigte material dafür zu sammeln. so kann jeder spieler der geholfen hat sagen wenn er in davae ist und jemand neues dabei hat " siest du diese zäune dort? die schützen das maskotchen von davae und ich habe da mitgeholfen ;)

also sollte meines erachtens deine entwicklung sich in 3 schritte bewegen.
1. finden deines eigenen ichs im rp (hintergrund zu deinem character)
2. identifikation als bürger an dem wohnort wo man lebt (lokal) und das dortige hintergrundwissen etwas aneignen.
3. den schritt der identifikation dessen land du deine heimat nennst. bis zu diesem schritt sollte dein hintergrund wissen schon soweit vorhanden sein, das es wirklich nicht mehr allzu extrem ist.

aber bitte zwing dich nicht ins direkte grosse weltgeschehen, was dich frustriert, fange bei den kleinen dingen an, bei dir (und dass sag ich jetzt nicht weil tryker bist ;))

schließlich ist niemand direkt nach seiner Geburt und den ersten paar stolper schritten direkt zum Hochleistung Sprinter aufgestiegen in stunden ;)

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Multilingual | [English] | Français
Hello I am happy to see new player being interested in the RP.
Now it is obvious the access to the RP is not facilitated by the difference of language.

This time, the meeting Trykers is not considered as being the most structured... Even by raport in that of Fyros ;).
But You must know that the meeting of yesterday was particularly shaken :) even for the criteria Trykers.
Two events player of whom one not scheduled (an abduction of one of Matis ambassador: the viscountess of Avalae Leeis Necyene)

If you wish for it my Character often stay in Fairhaven bar and I may speak English (slowly) :) even Tyll (language Tryker).
It allows to introduce more simply the RP and the knowledge of characters and environment or your character life.



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Hello McNoob,

Here are my 2 dappers for entering into RP. Since I've been around for several years, some may be useless for a newcomer so feel free to take them with some hindsight.

First of all, assemblies (especially when there have been none for a long time, and especially international ones) are probably not the better place to take an active part in RP. You may learn the current status of various topics, but just forget about having any significant impact. From my point of view, in such occurrences, there are 2 or 3 players talking, some more may vote or take part into making decisions, and everyone else is just attending. Either because they enjoy the show, or they want to learn what's going on, or their guild needs to make an impression by its number, or...
Moreover, yesterday assembly was especially hectic, even according to Tryker standards, with consequences of at least 3 ongoing player stories (that I could see, and I may have missed some) happening. If you want to join in an assembly with some calm, try the Zorai ones (my Tryker self would probably say they're even boring, but that's the beer-drinker speaking).

If you want to enter RP, I would advice to join in small parties, and preferabily in a language you're comfortable with (that being to address your #1 and partly #5 points). And since there hasn't been any local assembly (meaning "small town assembly in only one RL language") for a long time, this probably means player events.
Now, the problem is to find players involved in RP. Any of the people who answered this topic is probably a good choice to talk with. Any of the people who said anything (beside the standard emotes) at the assembly yesterday, is probably a good choice. They may or may not know the in and outs of what happened yesterday, but they can give you hints and a good start, or introduce to the right peoples.
They can also help you grab the few tryker words used often (Blablatys is a good thing but what you really need to know is hello / good bye / please / thanks, and most people never learn more than that).
And, especially, they can do the kind of easy RP that is my daily delight on Ryzom: talk about the last mektoub migration in Loria, consider if the current beer is better or worse than the one of last years, organise a surprise trek to Enchanted Isle for a birthday party and firework...
If you cannot find any of them at the bar, at the stable, or out in the field, send them a tell "hello, I'd like to RP": you may get a "ok, let's meet at the bar in 5 min" for an answer. I just can't remember all the times when I met someone "just by chance" .

Welcome into RP. Just don't let the tryker politicians (and fyros braggers and frigid matis) drive you out of it.

PS: Thanks for the compliments. As Siela, I usually need to put my finger in cold water after translation evenings...

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Multilingual | [English] | Deutsch
NOW THAT'S[/b] how I know and what I love about this community. You really made it to turn from my rant to valuable information concerning the obstacles I encountered, and you did NOT shred me to pieces. Thank you so much! You folks are awesome!

Though because of the much deeper insight - and structure - you gave me, I can say that I will probably never go into depth with my own RP and even Mcnoob as character. This has a variety of reasons: I am usually lazy, I often have a bad memory (I am a bad liar, for example. If I try you will eventually find out anyway because I contradicted myself.), and I certainly lack time to study and things. I run my own small business here, and Ryzom is already consuming more time than it should, sometimes.

So for now, I conclude: I will check out Blablatys, and I will try to get started with some more shallow chit-chat RP. Everything beyond that may happen if or when I grow into it, but not in the near future.

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Become marauder and RP with your weapons :P

All jokes aside, if you are struggling then try RPing with a few different players outside of events. There will always be some up for it from one faction or another :)



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haha Virg :)


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