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Multilingual | Français | [English]
Eloira is happy. After the disappearance of her Talodi brothers, she finally finds a new project to invest in : a family.
She smiles, looking the view, which stretch underneath her feet. She will never get bored of gazing at the beauty of her native land, the lakes.
She thinks that luck has finally turned in her favour, and not only because she wins an amazing ladle at the Fortunate Gubani …. Between a husband – who has disappeared a few days after the birth of their son – and a multitude of lovers who has ran away, Eloira believes that she has finally find a reliable man to support her, this lovely Matis she really liked to annoy when he went Fairhaven’s stable to “take a walk”.
Given that they both feel very lonely, her, abandoned by her guild, and him, in disagreement with his former faction, they decided to join their forces by creating a new family : Ba Ryal Bayl bei Tamni, the happy home of the weds.
So they secretly get married to don’t make any waves because Eloira was affected by a lot of unpleasant remarks during her first wedding : “This arriviste commoner will ruin this unfortunate Duke” or “What a noble Matis can find in this heretic ?”…
So, by common consent, Kaizuka and her decided to get married in secret because, after all, their feelings don’t concern anybody else ! No need of all these bad mouthing natterings. She has already gave a lot of herself in front of all the rumours about herself.

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Eloira Ba'Jeppy
Fille de Nizyros Delka
Membre de La Lune Eternelle

#2 [fr] 

Pom est heureuse pour Sa Tante.
Mais, Eloira a déjà trop été abandonnée ou trahis.
Elle prends un jolie papier et de l'encre...

Tao Nair'Kaizuka

Lordoy Na'Talla

LorGaneer Tor ysem Union.
Sul Eolas-Eli Ken Y Ameen Yem Ny'Talli Ny'Eloira.

Fosti Let Sul Syln Anceart Wil Det Sul Syln-Eli AnRyal.

Sul Ba dolh-Eli Lor'Ryal Ol Sul Dhad-Eli.

Id Syln Yem Tyll

Pom attrape un Yzam lui fourre les graines dans le gosier et le relache après lui avoir indiqué : Kaizuka Eim Bai Lochi.

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#3 [fr] 

Lordoy Ubhal. Y Dolh Toll Yem possible Tor Ken det Syln Ryal.

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#4 Multilingual 

Pom assise sur sa poutre aperçois un Izam qui lui tourne autour.
Elle l'attrape, dégage délicatement le message et relâche l'animal.
Elle Déroule l'écorce fine... lit l'écriture maladroite.


Se parlant à elle même:
"je suis heureuse que tu ai compris mon message...
Espèrons, pour toi, que tu ne rendra pas malheureuse ma Chère Eloira. "

"Je garde un oeil sur toi..."

Pom range le message dans son sac et recommence à observer Cybèle.
Elle sent la Sève prendre de la puissance dans le corps de la fille de son amour perdu...

" crise ne va plus tarder."

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