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I want to place some comments about the ongoing event in Fyros concerning the deaths of Abycus Zekops and Thulam Cecaps, and the abduction and subsequent liberation of Lyandra Apotheps.

I want, in no way, criticize the event altogether. It was well designed, with much recourse to earlier events such as the Atreus story, and had and still has an interesting storyline, partially yet to be revealed.

Anyway, there remain points to complain about. In the course of the event, a Fyros patriot, retired senator (celiakos), named Euracus Cethus, was found to be arrested by a Karavan agent in his apartment in Pyr.

In fact, this is a unique occurrence in the history of the planet. First, the desert is, creed wise, "Kami territory". Since the days of sharükos Cerakos the Fyros (with a few exceptions among the loyal tribes such as the Barkers and the semi loyal Renegades, and the insurgent Lawless and Scorchers) abdicated the Church of the Light because the Karavan wanted to hinder their search for the truth about the dragon and the deep prime roots.

So it is a serious infringement of the sovereignty of the sharük and the authority of sharükos and the senate when Karavan agents warrant arrests inside the city of Pyr or other parts of the empire of the burning desert. It is unique as never, even in the time of the temple wars, agents of one of the cults sunk so low to arrest homins on charges of a deviant creed. If this would go on, Kami agents might appear in Yrkanis and arrest nobles on charges to be revering Jena.

As to Trytonism, it has never been an offense, felony, or crime - at least officially - in any of the nations, though prosecutions of Trytonists by religious extremists took place, especially in the kingdom and the theocracy, but also by religious fanatics elsewhere, forcing Trytonists to hide and go underground. But no homin can forget the role of Elias and the Trytonists in saving and granting sanctuary, especially in the second great swarming. In the first swarming already, Elias' rainbow gates rescued innumerous homins from the extermination by the Kitins.

In the desert in particular, Elias Tryton is held in much respect. Oflovak Rydon is remembered as a hero and role model not only for the Atys Rangers (who honor him as creator of their order), but also for the Fyros for his efforts to find a way back to the Ancient Lands and rescue scores of homins trapped by the Kitins. Oflovak achieved these heroic deeds after meeting Elias Tryton and getting crucial information about the path back to the Ancient Lands. So, Elias is deeply intertwined into that chapter of Fyros heroism. Arresting a Fyros on charges to be a Trytonist defecates this history of Fyros honor and heroism.

In fact, such a deliberate and unlawful arrest in violation of the sovereignty of the sharük is short of a declaration of war against the burning desert. Which foolish Karavan underling ever started this extremely stupid move should be stopped by his superiors and an apology issued to sharükos Lykos.

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Thank you for your comments.

First, the arrest of some trytonnist is not so rare, even though it's not visible in the events. Powers are rarely played but it does not mean they don't do anything, of course. Tracking the trytonnists is one of the Karavan's activities. Just be aware it generally occurs when trytonnism is growing among one or several nations.

Important : For the moment, none of the four nations of the new lands allow trytonnists openly. Religious minorities are protected to be persecuted as long as they follow the rules of their nation (which can be sometimes constraining for some of them) but it is one exception : trytonnists. Until now, they have never been actively protected by any nation for being tracked and arrested by the Karavan. Their only way to survive is still to remain clandestine.

The desert was very close to the Kamis under the rule of Dexton, indeed, but Lykos is not as much religious as his father. You can't expect his rule to be exactly the same as his father's. Don't forget Lykos rule was threaten by the trytonnist Atreus, once. Maybe it would not had happened if the Karavan inquisition arrested Atreus and his accomplices back then.

The current sequence will provide more information about the history of the empire which i will not spoil by telling it in advance. Let's just say that players who are interested by playing trytonnist will be especially interested by the rest of the fyros sequence which will continue on September.

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