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For those of you who came home to empty apartments, with all ya stuff gone .... I'm now in a better place. It would seem that Arionasis led a crack team of super slueths and they caught my ex-wife and her accomplices and advised that if you file all the appropriate paper work and go thru the proper steps you can get ya stuff back.

1. Find your Ryzom root folder and inside you will find a user folder.

2. I went in, as instructed, looking for subfolders to delete and didn't find any of those. What I did find was 61 image files and since I was hesitant to just delete them, I zipped them in place, kept the zip file and deleted the 61 files.

3. When I got back in Pyr, the police / insurance company moved back in all my recovered items ... some were packed in boxes for some odd reason so I had to unpack and put those back in place.

My thanks to the "men and ladies in blue" ... led by Arionasis (I'm guessing blue but since they a secret, super duper, under cover, ninja police special unit, no body knows whet they wear).

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Apartment items are glowing red since last patch.

EDIT:  Known issue ... to be fixed next patch

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