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Posters were displayed in the Tryker cities and in all the capitals of Atys:
Hominas and homins,

Tryker botanist Nili O'Toolyn is organizing a botanical excursion across the Lakes on 15h - Quarta, Nivia 16, 3rd AC 2593 (*) for all interested Atys residents, except the Marauders.Meet her in front of Fairhaven's main entrance.

(*) [HRP] On Friday, 23 June 2017 19:00:00 UTC (7 years ago). [/HRP]

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With his hand trembling with anger, Nilstilar dipped his izam quill in the black sap, so black, and began to write for the attention of his Karan, the missive whose text follows:
To Karan Stevano
Nya Karan,

This 23rd of Thermis goes, for your servant, as a black amberstone.

Indeed, it was that very day that I failed in the mission you did me the honor to entrust me many cycles ago. Except for it to have already occured, the exact circumstances of the said failure will soon reach your ears, so I will not describe them here. I only want to let you know that your revocation of my credentials to the Federation, if I dread it, would be welcomed by me without bitterness: who has failed has to pay.

Know, in conclusion, that, should it be my last act of ambassador, I will endeavor to bring back to the Majestic Garden all the specimens of the lakes flora I will be able to collect during the planned excursion of the next Harvestor 11th... Should, of course, Nili O'Toolyn allow me to participate. It goes without saying that, should the Federation ask to be remunerated for doing the Kingdom this favor, my personal purse will provide for this fee.

Under your hand, Nya Karan,
Nilstilar Thorec

[OOC]To be moved, please • As the trip it alludes to is now behind us, this post (renamed ''The failure'') would be better in place, in my opinion, among the diplomatic posts of the ''Embassies'' sub-forum.

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Summer Excursion

The bamboo

The olansi

The bulrush

The cahbacan

The sailtree

The sparàn

The saccha

The dule & the saltorn

The botanical lesson of Nili O'Toolyn

NB: Unfortunately, as my lucio-camera was not perfectly watertight, two of the eleven plants visited during the excursion (the wigweed and the feadag) have escaped it.


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Thank you for the Lucios Nilstar! And do not get frustrated at yourself, i wholehartedly recommend you continue in your service!

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Voici en exclusivité les deux plantes observées manquantes / Here are the two missing observed plants.



Merci à / Thanks to Nili O'Toolyn
pour le partage de ses connaissances / for the sharing of knowledge.


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