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In the darkness of the prime roots, Zhan walked in silence.
The area was known to be particularly dangerous. She would be safe
when she would reach the Eternal Tree.

Patiently, she stood in the shadows, dodging the carnivorous animals
and the kitins. Then she reached the Midway Point of the Wastelands,
called by the life force of the other Awakened.

For days he was medidating, for days she would come to bring food
and supplies. The male Kwai was better than the days he came back
to Zora but still skinny and weak.

She bowed in front of the Kamis then put the basket of food on the ground
and sat down. The Li'lai'to openned his eyes and smile to her.
She appologized for disturbing his serenity.

-There is something I would like to tell you, I have been thinking to that since
you came back. The Sages granted me the honnor to practice hypnotherapy
to help people to recover from various illnesses. If you ask me to, I can try
to help you to remember what you have forgotten. To understand what happen
at the Sap Gleaners camp. It may not works, it may be dangerous for you to
remember. That's why I hesitated before telling you about that possibility.

Meditate on the question and answer me later, when you are ready kaibini.
Ma'duk bless you dear aribini.



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