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I think most everyone, at least the dig masters, has worn the +165 Focus sets and many have also had the +165 HP sets .... But I doubt many folks sought to run around w/ +165 Sap or Stamina Sets. I have only been asked once to make sap or stam jools in 13 years

But for those looking to cross off the Yubo Points associated therewith, we will be keeping sets available on loan. As significant time and effort went in to creating these, while we won't be charging, material donations will be gratefully accepted. ... if you can spare of course. No quid pro quo ... don't hesitate to ask if ya don't have anything, maybe someday you will.

For Jool Sets, PM Fyrosfreddy and set up a time to meet at Maiden Grove Kami TP. Stored there are:

+ 165 Stamina Jools - (10 / 10)
+ 165 Sap Jools - (10 / 10)
+ 165 HP Jools - (10 / 10)
+ 165 HP LA - (4 / 5) missing sleeves

For complete sets, you'll need to wear the set for up to 8 minutes, until the system saves your toon.

For LA Sets, PM Skiy and set up a time to meet near Stables @ Cerakos Gate in Pyr.. Skiy has:

+ 165 Stamina LA - (5 / 5)
+ 165 Sap LA - (5 / 5)
+ 165 HP LA - (5 / 5)

Just Reply to this message w/ ya name and we set date and time.

As for any donation you might want to offer, right now we trying to fill the meterial needs for Skiy's NPC crafted HA set ... so the following needs are on the priority list:

Kizokin Shell
Ocyketh Shell
Mekoo Trunk
Yelkoo Moss
Kizokin Wing
Kipekoo Wing
Jugukoo Ligs

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Thanks to Gidget for pointing out out what might have been obvious to all but the CRS afflicted :) ... logging out and in saves the 8 minutes.

Gratz to those who now got the points ..

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Do you happen to have a Focus armor with 165 boost?
If so for how much?

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This thread is simply for loaners to get Yubo points.  I made my own set and there's no amount of dappie you could pay me to duplifcate that effort :).  The one I had before that I paid for in mats ... IIRC correcty it was 8k mats.

ofc the price would depend on how many mats hadda be dug and that would mean deciding MQ or HQ.  Last I heard the going rate was:

HQ +2 Dodge Excellent 9 - 10 million
MQ +2 Dodge Choice 5 - 6 million

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At an HQ I would be interested

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At an HQ I would be interested

Sent you an IG Mail.


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Lixie Jools => Moved

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