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Official clients are now upto date, please some using those clients

Why ?

Official aren't super up to date, and some people are eager to try, but don't have the motivation to build their client. You might also want to be a beta-tester and make bug report in case of problem :-)

I have a problem !

If you found an exploit ( abug that allows you to have an advantage you shouldn't have), create a ticket (including the same information as a regular bug, see below) and do NOT talk about it to anyone (for obvious reasons).
If it's just a classic bug, first check the list of issues, and try to find your problem. If you don't, create a new issue, be clear and give the following :

* Your OS, your GPU, the used driver (openGL/direct3D) and the version of your client(/version in game)
* What the bug is about : what was supposed to happen, and what actually happened ?
* When did the bug occur ? Did you do something special ? Also, is there a way to reliably reproduce it ?

How to use the client ?

Important : the client use the ingame patch (like official client), so you should NOT rename it ryzom_client_r.exe/ryzom_client, or it will auto erase itself.

Note : the client has one more version (8860) than ryzomcore changeset, it's OK (see last part for more informations if you want)

With steam :

Impossible !

For windows & linux, with installer :

1) Download the client (windows or linux)
2) Open ryzom installer, go to "preferences > profil" (as shown in first pic)
3) Click on the "browse" button (outlined in green on the second pic), select the .exe file you just downloaded
4) Click on the "OK" button (orange button on the second pic), then click on "play" (red button on the first pic)

For windows & linux, without the installer :

1) Download the client (windows or linux)
2)Copy it to the folder where you have your installation
3)Launch it

For mac :

I have no idea howto do this, I understand nothing about this OS. If you are feeling adventurous, you can download the (zipped to be easily downloaded) if you know what you are doing. You can also ask Siela for help

Howto come back to official client

With installer, edit your profile, then click on the "default" button(blue button on second pic), then "OK" (orange button on second pic), then play (red button first pic)
Without installer, delete the file and use ryzom_client_r.exe instead

Full changelog between this client and official client

Note : some modifications aren't about the client or are disabled because incompatibility with live server, they are not included here
Second note : The /version command will show something like "Glorf(beta/unofficial) FV" (to easily distinguish the client with official client) - only ingame tho, this won't show in the ryzom installer :( (you'll simply see "FV")

* Bugfix : in some case, item groups could equip only 4 jewels (by Glorf)
* Bugfix : in some case, item groups couldn't properly equip right/left hand. You will need to re-create the group to fix it (by Glorf)
* Accentued characters are now correctly handled in item group's name (by Glorf)
* Bugfix : Equipping an item group with no object inside does not (visually) create a "impossible to act" action anymore (by Glorf) - the red cross does not stay forever anymore (happened if you used an item group just to remove some pieces and equipping nothing after)
* No more landmark marker limits (by Nimetu)
* \o/ Trees doesn't dance under Direct3D (by Nimetu)
* \o/ No more black/white textures under openGL with an item graphic cards under windows (by Nimetu)
* Some changes to web IG, mostly to improve image loading (by Nimetu)
* Ingame time is now displayed as hour:minute on the map (by Nimetu)
* Accurate weather is now displayed on the map ( as a humidity%) (by Nimetu)
* Bugfix : in some case, some item groups couldn't be moved/equipped (after multiples successives moves) (by Glorf)

Small technical stuff

At the moment the code in RC repo is incompatible with live code (because of item unique ID), you'll need to backout the following commits :
67f5533e37ec 8ba1ea2614d4 5596b5bbc284 d9a6c81baea5 7fcaaff5e657
Then, I collapse them in a single commit (but I still need to have one commit, hence the version number difference) :
hg rebase --dest .~5 --base . --collapse

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Since official clients are now uptodate (with today patch), stop using those clients. I removed the clients from my website so you can't download. Check out "how to come back to the official client" to get the official one !

Hopefully I won't have to build more clients and this thread will die in the depths of the forum !


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