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The town criers were announcing at the top of their voices in the lakeland cities:
Citizens, Talalochi (*), visitors

The festivities following the nuptials of Locian and Denen Toen carry on!

Do you dream of flying a few moments like an izam? Are you adventurous, daredevil, or lucky and not fearful of bad landings? Would you like quite simply to attend this rare and extraordinary event that a flight on flyner is (**)?

Then come on 1h - Quarta, Winderly 22, 4th AC 2592 (***) to the front of Fairhaven's main gate and escort the bride and groom to the venue! The high winds announced should be favorable for the takeoffs!

Warning! According to the recommendations of our botanists, the number of takeoffs will be limited!

Prepare your luciographs!

(*) "Talalochi" means "stateless persons dwelling in Aeden Aqueous", in Tyll language.
(**) Flyner: plant of the Lakes (see luciogram).
(***)  At Friday, 14 April 2017 19:00:00 UTC (7 years ago)


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  • FR: Grâce à ce vol de flyners, j'ai pu enfin réaliser mon rêve: explorer la canopée! Je suis vraiment z'heureux :)
  • EN: Thanks to the flyners flight, I could at last make my dream come true: explore the Canopy. So happy :) !
  • ES: Gracias al vuelo de los flyners, podé por fin cumplir mi sueño: explorar la Cubierta. ¡Que felicidad! :)

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Oooohhhh! I missed it! :(

i wanted to fly, and what is a Flyner? Are those plants Flyners? Do you hang onto the roots or float on top? I always seem to miss those events with Flyners :((

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*regarde (ouvre) son diplome flyner et arrive à lire ce qui est écrit en pattes de mouches: diplomé de vol en flyner* Ah une bonne nouvelle, j'ai enfin appris quelques mots tryker

= titre / titres spéciaux / event / event RP / mariage de Denen et Locian: diplomé de vol en flyner


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