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Get me right: I do not blame the devs. They were and are a small team, dedicated to Ryzom and spending lots of their lifetime for it, faced with the imminent bancrupcy and demise of the Ryzom project they saved years ago from disaster. They were confronted with the necessity to unify the three servers to one in order to keep the whole project from total failure, a bold decision.

Some of the decisions, e.g. slashing all level achievements, prove wrong and when proving to be impossible to be implemented, caused additional work. And I praise the devs that they accepted that necessity and took the burden.

I think, the idea to put qualities on tools generated from the faulty idea that all players were happy to start from zero (beneath the dapper inflation problem before the fusion). That idea itself was illusionary. Every seasoned player, even if forced to level 1, would progress 100 times faster that an inexperienced one. The situation of 2006 cannot be reproduced.

The idea of tools qualities also rested on the delusionary idea that players would stay at tool levels for a time reflected by tool prices. That is wrong even more.

Need of buying tools depends on tools' attrition and the level of the buyer. A newcomer may use her pick and armor crafting tool of lvl 1 until she reaches lvl 50 where it expires. Seldom it will be used up as the mat retrieval and usage dictating tool attrition are low. I still have my lvl 1 pick in my apartment as a reminder of the new beginning in 2012. It is nearly unused. And I had mine from the very beginning in my apt as well (granted, I am sentimental). It was less than half used up.

But even an absolute newcomer cannot use up a q50 pick before reaching lvl 50 in digging. Even in q100 it is nearly impossible, and hard in lvl 150. So all special picks like nation picks, or greslin picks, are just a waste. Nobody will ever use them up, they will be thrown away. Same goes with armilo below 200, and egiros or rubbarn degrades to some extent.

It is ok that weapon related op mats like tekorn and vedice are quality bound. For the rest, harvest related stuff in particular, it is detrimental. It would be good to lift the level dependency for tools altogether. There should be 1 class of tools for all actions from 1 to 250, maybe at half of the price not to annoy newbies.


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I am a newbie, and I use two picks, a Q100 and a Q250 depending on region and if I am planning to craft the items or just sell the mats.

It does not bother me, and think it makes sense.

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@Dao the junior nation picks can be traded in toward the racial pick even if they are partially used. So for those specific picks they can be saved, even if the homin has moved to a higher level area.

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I just gave up and used 250 all the time for picks because they're affordable

The only reason I couldn't do that with other tools was the 250 ones are expensive

I don't think it does a whole lot to have different tiers if the higher tiers have no bonuses at all

With the lack of bonuses we may as well have a one-tool-only

However I understand somewhat, that they wanted to make "high level crafting" cost a lot because you get a lot of dappers from hanging in high level gear to overseers

So some artificial "cost" was needed to nerf your large income

However a 200+ crafter laughs at tool prices so, may as well make it one tool or, multiple tiers with useful bonues


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