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The towns criers happily shouted their heads off in the Lakelands cities, making sure that no one was ignorant of the good news:
Tryker citizens, inhabitants of the Lakes and of other countries, travelers and strollers, open your ears!

You are all invited to the wedding of Nair-Locian Wyler, daughter of the late Governor Still Wyler, to the Kard'al of Avendale, Nair-Denen Toen!

Meet at Avendale Beach on 14h - Quarta, Floris 16, 3rd AC 2592 (*) to attend the ceremony and take part in the excellent festivities! Fireworks, dancing, free drinks, a pub-race around all the Tryker bars: it will be a great time!

As with any Tryker wedding, remember to take off your shoes for the duration of the ceremony and avoid wearing black!

The bride and groom will receive your congratulations and any presents at the end of the ceremony.

The great day is coming!!! Get ready!

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Wedding on the beach of Avendale

The wedding party before the ceremony

Bride & groom

Locian Wyler & Denen Toen

The neweds, their witnesses, the officiant & the choir

Three hominas of the wedding party: Sorum • Krill • Louzy

Three (other) hominas of the wedding party: Myanee • Eleanide • Jolina

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Beautiful lucios. Thank you for the report.


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