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There was a concern expressed in another thread about low quality stuff being placed on vendors at ridiculously high prices resulting in newer players having to empty their wallets only to get crappy gear options. We not in the habit of selling stuff ... FBs will craft anything for anyone if you bring your own mats (BYOM).

So to address the stated concern from that thread, Bunnies will be making Magic Amplifiers for all comers till supplies (1000 Exe) Zun out.

Folks who need up to QL 000 - 100 amp will get a MQ Amp
Folks who need up to QL 100 - 200 amp will get a HQ Amp

But there's a catch ... ya gotta **help yaself** a bit. We supply the Exe Zun or Kitin Larvae, and you or ya guildmates / friends / volunteers supply the fiber and bark. What ya gotta bring is listed below.

NOTE: This program is based on several concepts:

a) Newer players often struggle with cash to buy upgrades .... these will be free to players who participate in materials collection.

b) Newer players oft need some guidance on where to find the right materials ... the volunteers can help them there.

c) Leftovers are sold at end of day; prices could be lower but experience has shown that there's always someone who will try and take advantage ts 100 dapper per level price was established to discourage this.

d) If you are buying not to use for yaself to to profit off other folks efforts, be aware that all crafts are stamped with the origin of the product and the price paid for it.

Mats needed:

**Medium Quality Magic Amplifier** (< 100)

3x Basic Perfling Bark
1x Basic Oath Bark
2x Basic Adriel Bark

2x Basic Anete Fiber
3x Basic Buo Fiber
1x Fine Dzao Fiber

**High Quality Magic Amplifier** (> 100 / < 200)

2x Basic Oath Bark
1x Basic Adriel Bark
3x Basic Mitexi Bark
1x Fine Adriel Bark

6x Basic Dzao Fiber

Why no 250s ? ... if you + 200, you dont want Exe stuff
Under 50 will be Maga amps... few random surprises at 100 - 150

Stats for Zun based crafts are 7 x 80% short one is DA speed which is irrelevant for affies/ All crafts will be made using a rubbarn tool and if ya get lucky, that's 7 x 92%. When available, Kitin larvae will be used for higher stats (8 x 88%)

Not sure of the time just yet, but if ya see Skiy or me just ask ... will prolly schedule hours for the crafting at several times and locations throughout the day. If anyone wants to help, participate in crafting, donate mats, take folks on dig mini-treks, sign on below.

If demand exists will be repeated next Sunday.

If there's interest in other craft trees (Jools, Armor, Weapons), can be accommodated if we know how many are interested.

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I can help peeps get to the mats (bark, fiber) and will also provide some q50 Maga Creeper as well. Send me a tell if you need help gathering or locating the materials. :)


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Special Reward (15 Yubo Points) for all helpers

EDIT: Thanks to Skiy, Miriax and Meggy for providing the Fibers and Bark

They now have an extra 15 Yubo Points for equipping a +165 HP set courtesy of Skiys efforts.

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2017 / 03 / 26  Desert Vendors

18:00 EST:  (5) QL 170 - QL 250 amps up 75% - 83% (10k)

18:05 EST:  (1) QL 250 amp 7 x 96% (15k)

If you pay more than the (price listed), someone bought and resold ....  so if that happened, just PM me and will make a new one for ya (while supplies last.

2017 / 03 / 26  Desert Vendors

19:45 EST:  HQ Maga Amps (Exe Zun) - 7 x 80%.  DA Speed 54% (Meaningless for Affiies)

(1) QL 200 - (<20k)
(1) QL 180 - (<18k)
(1) QL 160 - (<16k)
(1) QL 140 - (<14k)
(1) QL 120 - (<12k)

No Boosts Yet :(

20:00 EST:  HQ Maga Amps (Kitin Larvae) - 8 x 88%

(2) QL 150 - (<15k)

20:30 EST MQ Maga Amps (Exe Zun) - 7 x 80%. DA Speed 54% (Meaningless for Affiies)

(1) QL 080 - (<08k)
(2) QL 050 - (<05k)

20:45 EST: HQ Maga Amps (Kitin Larvae) - 8 x 88%

(1) QL 100 - (<10k)
(2) QL 050 - (<05k)

EDIT: **Help Yaself** To An Amp Day was quite successful, after closing shop at 21:00 EST, all leftovers were placed on vendors and were sold within 45 minutes.

If RL didn't allow you to participate, just send a PM ... have 800+ mats left over.

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2017 / 03 / 27  20:00 EST:

(2) HQ Maga-Jen QL 100 Amps (Exe Zun) - 7 x 80%
(1) HQ Maga-Jen QL 50 Amps (Exe Zun) - 7 x 80%
(1) HQ Maga-Jen QL 50 Amps (Exe Zun) - 7 x 92% (Rubbarn Boosted)


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2017 / 03 / 26 20:00 EST:

(3) HQ Maga-Duk QL 200 Amps (Exe Zun) - 7 x 80% (20k)
(3) HQ Maga-Duk QL 150 Amps (Exe Zun) - 7 x 80% (15k)

Amp crafted w/ specific purpose of helping newer players. If obtained at Sunday's "Help Yaself to an Amp Day ", it was free. Left over ones posted at 100 dapper per level. If it's being sold for more, someone is profiteering; PM me and I make you another

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