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dann hör auf zu meckern und bewege deinen Astral Körper in die Forge Meetings und sag denen was Sache ist ;)

Leute die destruktiv kritisieren haben wir genug, konstruktiv ist ja ok, aber jeder weis am besten: wenn du willst das es richtig gemacht wird mach es selbst ;D


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Ryzom Forge meeting - 2017/09/04

The project has progressed very well and will be in test soon on Yubo (the test server).
By the way we will need 6 Ranger players to join the work group as Ryzom Forge members (so no NDA to sign): 2 Windows users, 2 Linux users and 2 Mac users. They will be "Ranger Players representatives" and will test the Ranger rite on Yubo, both to make bug reports and to give their opinion about the rite. If you are interested, please contact Tamarea by email (tamarea@ryzom.com) or by direct message on chat.ryzom.com

Q: Will it be impossible for a Ranger to go into kami or kara guild after the rite?
From what Cerulean (Wuaoi) told in Ranger meetings, there will be no ranger guilds, and rangers will still neutral and may join any guild. There may be limitations with marauder guilds, though.
A: The ranger rite won't modify the gameplay about guilding. I dont' know what the work on marauders will modify about it toward rangers.

Q: Will the rite  location be accessible to only the one who takes it? Or will he be able to have some friends’ help?
A: The Rangers who have already passed the rite would be able to team up with aspirant to help them.

Q: So not-ranger people will not be able to enter this area? Will it will always like this?
A: this map won't be accessible for non-ranger yet, unless for a special event. But this map is not designed to make XP or gather resources.

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Amber breakage and interruption of Path service:

While not directly related to the Rite, we shifted the training Path entrances in the Lakes region on 19-October. This was supposed to be a quick fix, but that was not to be. It is now repaired.

Thank you to all Rangers Aspirant for your patience during the interruption.

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Ryzom Forge meeting report - 2017-11-20

The tests have stopped during 3 weeks because of Anlor Winn OOC events preparation.

Still to test:
- evaluate the difficulty level and adjust number or type of mobs if needed.
- test the dialogues and change them if needed.


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Ranger rite is online since March 23th. Please give us your feedbacks about it bellow!


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Ranger rite is online since March 23th. Please give us your feedbacks about it bellow!

Below as in here? Removing the Vortex to Loria would be cool, was bit nasty to find yourself out after hours and no way to get back =D. Maybe the mission timer could be 12h instead on 24h.

Otherwise, the map is awesome. No trivial talk to NPC, but an adventure and challenge for team!


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I agree with Jahuu in terms of the rite itself. It is well built, challenging without being impossible, and above all, fun! Very different from other current Ryzom missions!! thanks to all who worked on it :)

I like the pathway systems too, but I think they’re not fair compared to what kami/karavan/marauders have access to…... takes us like twice the amount of time to reach our destination.... would be cool/more fair if we could directly select our final destination from the start! and I dont think that would defeat the purpose of the pathways in any way, it would just be less of a hastle for us to travel…

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Could a ranger be bothered to make a map with their fast-travel points, and briefly explain how they work?

Alternatively, maybe put this info in the wiki, please? https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Portal:Rangers

Signed: character who's considering the pros and cons of going ranger..


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What is the most important when you choose a faction?
Choosing a way of life or
Choosing the nearest entrance from your favorite digging spot?
And what happen when you change your digging spot?
Change the faction?


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I don't roleplay except very light stuff, so the mechanics of a faction are fairly important to me.

For this reason, I would not go marauder: it is annoying to be confined to the marauder camp and never visit cities, plus it takes a long walk to get to the occupation masters.

Same point about rangers: I would not consider the faction at all, when there were no TPs in the prime roots. I would not wish to have my only respawn point at the vortexes of Wastelands. Call me lazy if that's your wish :)


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Found a bug that occured while handing in the supplies at the refugee camp which was preventing our team from being offered the next mission. There were 4 of us in team and we were required to hand in a total of 20 of one item and 40 of the other, which we did. The supply mission was removed from all our mission journals at this point but we could not get the next mission, just the request to place the supplies in the crate and come back and talk to him.

While looking through my system info window I noticed some lime green text that was about the hand ins (I will refer to Item A rather than spoil it for others) "item A 10/20" on my character and "item A 15/20" on my alt. I asked the other team members to report what thier system info window had recorded for this item and they both reported "item A 5/20".

That both had the same figure "5/20" and no one had 20/20 was suspicious and we decided to gather some more "Item A" and see if that would complete the mission correctly, which it did and we were able to recieve then the next mission

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Ok, so this is feedback location? Don't get mad at me, it is my personal opinion. First, I want to say, thanks so much for the effort and work put into it. I really appreciate putting in a new feature to Ryzom when so many have promised over the years new stuff, but it never seems to get delivered, so "Bravo!"

Now, my negativety, (lol),

I helped a tiny tiny bit on testing it before, when it was being developed on Yubo server. I went on one episode with two in team. after 1 1/2 hrs, i got tired and suggested there be a waypoint, or save point, or portal opened when you reach a certain point, but I seemed to get shot down. It made me a bit upset because it gave me a negative attitude going in when doing the rite after it was finished. I knew it was going to be long. I suggested that some in a "team" might not be able to continue and then what? Do it again for an hour the next night and not finish? That just doesn't work. It was suggested to me that Rangers who do the rite and pass will help others doing it for the first time and make it faster. In fact some of the Devs said they could do it in an 1 1/2 hrs. (Excuse me, but that's because they already know the way!)


Come on. When something new comes to Ryzom, I like to enjoy it and explore a bit and discover it on my own. That is what makes this game so much fun for me. I love exploring. Not to have people show me the way.

As it was, when finally doing the actual rite after it was finished, the person I did the rite with had to hurry me up because she had to leave soon. I don't blame that person, but I did get tired by the time I got to the dig camps and just told her to show me where the dig spots are and had her dig them since it would have taken me much longer to find them as we had already spent about 3 1/2 hrs into it. She was sorry for me for having to rush it. But I understood. If I had half a day, I suppose I could have enjoyed it more, but who can expect that of people to have that much time in one setting? Let alone a team??? (btw, I asked her not to tell me the way or anything unless I asked)

There has to be a better way to break it up into smaller pieces. That is all I am saying, please! There has to be a way to save a spot, or have a respawn point or something where the number 1 camp is or something so you can return later?
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