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Libi Freldo had done many announcements of news in his office of Royal Herald. This one he had to force past a significant lump in his throat. In his purple mourning clothes, he nonetheless continued to walk the cities and camps of the Kingdom, repeating his sad message.
The Nobles and Vassals of the Kindgom will be allowed to pay their last respects to the Karae-Mother Lea from 19h - Quinteth, Harvestor 29, 1st AC 2592 (*) in the Great Greenhouse. They will also be allowed to present poems, songs or other artistic works for her tribute on this occasion.
Other homins who would like to pay their respects will be allowed to do so by silently attending the ceremony.

Karae Aiye!

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Jena Aiye
Karae Mutter Lea
Wohin Du auch gehst,wird Jena Dich behüten.
Wohin Du auch gehst,wird Jena fest an Deiner Seite steh'n.
Wir werden Dich in unseren Herzen stets bewahren,
bis wir uns eines Tages wiederseh'n.
Jena Aiye

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*Naema bites her lip to keep from crying. She looks up and stifly keeps it together.

Rest in peace Karae Mother Lea, you will be deeply missed~

*She looks down and a tear drops from her face... :(

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Deles Necat Nya Davae Filirae Lea Lenardi

Goodbye our sweet Lady Lea Lenardi


Nye decataei a lae firhe

We are sad at your passing

Nan imi nyai decat nye maieis veleis 

But in our pain we take comfort in the knowledge that


Le yale atailya na mindala Yrkanis

You are reunited with your beloved Yrkanis


Jena Aiye

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It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

Palta e decata, nan nec ilne matala.

When one goes on a journey it is not the scenery that changes, but the traveller

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• Lea Lenardi •


  •  Lea aiye  •


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Very nice picture. Maybe could you use it as locket for some honorific usages?


Zo'ro Argh
Chargé de recherche dans la guilde du Cercle du Bois d’Almati.
Ambassadeur des Rangers auprès des Matis.
Président de la N’ASA et fondateur de Hoodo.

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Thank you, Nair, for your appreciation.
As it is extracted from a luciogram shot the day after the funeral of our beloved Karae, the picture is available to everyone for any use that will please her/him.

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Speeches of the NPCs and PCs during the event.
A special thanks to Anarkia (Graphics team) for the creation of Lea’s cocoon.

Stevano’s Speech
My Subjects, Ambassadors, all of you who are in this place today,

Look at her. Have a last look to the one who was the Karae-Mother but before that your Karae.The one who was, even before my first cry and until her last breath, my mother. Think of her as all of this, but also as the carefree little girl she used to be. A little girl who, as she was telling me with nostalgia, was so fond of frogs and plants…

Behold her today, a jewel nestled in the hollow of a Rotoa named for her, ready to metamorphose and to rise up in the light of Jena !

Don’t you hear her girlish joyful laughing ? Don’t you see on her face her smiling regard of yourself, of all of us ?

Sleep, Mother. You have looked after us all of your life, it’s our turn to look after you…

Lea Aiye ! Jena Aiye !

Aniro’s prayer
O Jena, our benevolent MotherIn Your light receive our beloved Karae-MotherThat by Your side she now sitsAnd as You do, protects and guides forever those over whom she watched for so long

O sweet Jena, may our Karae forever remain in Your blessed lightAnd may she find the peace she deserves beside You

Jena Aiye


Bebi Cuirinia’s explanation
My name is Bebi Cuirinia. I am the Royal Embalmer.
I practice my art here in the Great Greenhouse, where a whole floor is reserved for the care of those who have been recalled to Jena.
The art of embalming is reserved for the noblest personalities or those that our Karan judges worthy to receive this honor.
In the case of the Karae-mother, of course, that question did not arise.
As you can see, we have already done the first step, namely the embalming itself.
This stage helps to preserve the body so that loved ones can keep a last image of the loved one as beautiful as they were in their lifetime.
We wished to pay a special homage to the Karae-mother in our own way by this setting.
And our great Karan decided to delay the second stage so that all those who have served and respected his revered mother can also pay her a last homage.
We could preserve her here almost indefinitely. But we will not.
For when all the Matis have been able to gather themselves and etch forever in their memory the beauty and grace of the Karae Lea ... The Karae-Mother Lea, I mean. Then we will proceed to the collection of her sap.
And she can join the Royal Tree, as the Karani and Karai before her.


Far away

From height all seems of sap to me,
Question me, search me, relentlessly
I laugh, and my mind is peaceful!
Flow far away the flowers of Lea:
Towards the afterlife, towards Jena.


kiryr, lea depyr, fyros kifirùch
didra, lea didraùch, fyros lyrùch


Jena Aiye
Karae Mother Lea
Wherever you go, Jena will protect you.
Wherever you go, Jena will be standing by your side.
We will always keep you in our hearts,
Until we meet again one day.
Jena Aiye


In the name of the Noble House la Firme, I’m passing the compassion that is ours to the Royal House...
We’re sharing your grief...


Our Mother Jena granted us the joy of your beingness
You offered us the joy of our Mother’s voice
May our Mother watch over you Lea-Kin.


I don’t have no poem
But on behalf of my kin, I present more than a poem.
I offer you one minute of silence to fulfill your silence,
One minute’s silence before the eternal silence.

Final prayer (Aniro)
O Jena, we entrust to You
The noblest of Your daughters.
Her precious memory shines
In the heart of her Subjects.

O Jena, no one ever lived who was
More worthy of Your light
Than the beautiful heir
Of Bravichi Lenardi.

O Jena, Your divine Kingdom,
Opens to her eternal flower.
Aiye, blessed be she
who rises in your womb.
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