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Something similar as with my dodge?

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I'm impressed ... laying flat on the ground and you still dodging. Mine is just laughingly annoying as i shouldn't be taking damage after the server recognized that MPA was active. And got cheated on duration too. Just shows that Atys is like real life ... you don't a;ways get what you are entitled to.


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After yearts of acheological study, I have finally figured out the ancient pre-dragon purpose of the Slough of the Demon Structure.  Its how the ancient Atysians did Wi-Fi.

And apparently the Kami are mad at me for being a Kami-whore and just using them for TPs. Just out of view is the rest of my guild screaming ... jump ... jump !

And see... the earth is flat

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Yeah .... now I feel safe in the lake at Oflak's Oasis

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Yeah .... now I feel safe in the lake at Oflak's Oasis



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Ryzom reflections on a slow Thursday.

And then...Disaster happens...A Revvy pops.

And well...After disaster happens, depression follows. :3

Best Reunion party everrrrr <3 love u guysss.

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Reunion Day Two: Glitter n Doom




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