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Stop looking at me. I did not take it.  When the Kipees are suspicious.

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Special moment, when I stopped trusting invulnerability =P


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hihi; seems the juggie really wanted to snack on you :D


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Teanwen's charming humor :D

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Guess what I found!

And little ZigGubanis too

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Attempting to reason with a Zerx at the Enchanted Isle.

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Secret camp?

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They moved because of the goo in their camp, it is some time ago. ((was an event))

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Not sure if really counts as a special moment, but it was funny at the time:

Reminded me of this meme:


Laoviel, officer of Rift Walkers

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No regrets!


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I gotta be me...


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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So the cute escort failed you .. hate when that happens ... I'm running safely thru BB with a trail of 6 cutes, then 2 see a butterfly and 3 ran off and now 3 kinch join the chase

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Wipe out at the beach. ;)


~ Ranger Aspirant ~ Officer of Fluffy Bunnies ~ Generally Mischievous ~

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What's wrong w/ this picture ?


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