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... when i remember how to post pics,....

1. Take a screenie, and save where ya can find it.
2. Crop it as necessary (IrfanView) and re-save
3. Go to http://imgur.com/ and hit "New Post"
4. Hit the browse button and find the file and select it for upload.
5. Don't use the Copy button, just click on the picture, then right clcik and choose "save image as"
6. Go into thread, hit Reply
7. Type "Picture" (or whatever), highlight the word then switch to wysiwyg, click the pictire icon and paste in the url in url window that pops up.
Then just click ya way out.


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.... Disappointing that each time ya make a fore on kiro island, sum needs to destroy it within 2 hours.

What I would like to see is whoever destroys it go up and set their own. I would rather have my fires put out as a, "You aren't the only one that can do that!", fun little competition than a mere act of juvenille vandalism.

Say, am I the only one who took pics of the Torbak party we had a few months back?


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Hey ... ya know what burns my bum ?


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Learned it here

Mind over Matter ...


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Night rain at Lake Superior. Looking at the water, ripples and one of the moons' reflection.

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Um... anybody got a fire extinquisher?!

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...And when somebody tries to explain to me how to do something in the game, this is how my head feels o.O

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Communing with our pet kirostas. Rangers know how :)

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The day Aen got stuck on us :(

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And finally... a beautiful evening :)

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Ok, Ok, one more! Up close and personal with Harini XD

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Fallen down Nexus rim:

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This has happened to me too. Once at the NW ramp, and once at the Kara TP.

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Recalling a fight from a distant past:


Daomei die Streunerin - religionsneutral, zivilisationsneutral, gildenneutral

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Cerakos Gate has a pothole.....


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