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This happens not to often but often enough to be annoying:

1. Log in to find a patch .... apply the patch, game is relaunched and the game window has shrunk to 1024 x 768. Not to hard to reset to desired but dragging windows back to where they all were is annoying. Any way to fix this .. permanently.

2. System crashed, pope the crash e-mail windows, wants you to Quit, Ignore etc. You go to restart and it wants to download a patch of 0.0 MB. Just did that, actually still going that and I'm watching it download all the December patch stuff from December 23rd with new Atysmas stuff. Why is this happening and how does one stop it ?

3. It then tells me that it wants to migrate me from 2.1 to 3.0 when I was already on 3.1 to begin with and have been since the getgo. I assume I have been converted to the non single folder installation ?

Well I uninstalled, cleared the PC of all things Ryzom and reinstalled in single folder ... but still would like to know why 1 happens frequently and how to avoid it and what happened w/ 2 and 3

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After a 10 minute please wait, relogged and again, had everything shrunken.

Tried to reload via ryzom_configuration_rd.exe and again get the

"nel_drv_opengl_win not found message.... last time it was nel_drv_direct3d_win not found message

These files are in the ryzom directory


Launching the game via client_ryzom_rd.exe works fine

Launching the game via ryzom_configuration_rd.exe does not no matter whether I set to auto, openGL or direct 3D

So every time I play the game crashed or patches, have to manually resize everything

ryzom_configuration_qt.exe does work

I always used the 1st one down and file mangler was listing z to a instead of a-z and I always used the 1st one in the list ... my bad ... but any reason why we have both or whatz the difference

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