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Is there any option to get out these emotes from the depths of the menu?

If I have reached them, the situation is past... :-(

Maybe something like an extra-window, or a task-bar...? ...For one click and starts...

Lovely Greetings for all

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Yes, macros. In French you have two useful pages:

Unfortunately I didn't find EN translation


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oh yes Macros !
Macros are the best friend of the RP player
Take just a little time to prepare and then you can use it as you want.


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Thank you my Dears,

then I will have a better look to the Macro-tool...
...And in the end I will have combinations of keys to start those macros, isn't?

Unfortunately my french knowledge will be too bad for study that; But I will have a look to this wiki.

...Hm... But some nice, little buttons would not be desirable? Ok, they are not existing.


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- create new macro, set name, icon and shortcut
- add new command
- Category: Chat
- Action: Talk to anybody
- Mode: Say (or team, guild...)
- enter any command or string you wish (as in chat line)
- save command
- save macro (and add to your bar)

a) you can insert more commands to one macro, so you can say something with one and do a gesture with next command

b) some gestures does a bit different thing when you have targeted someone or not, you might also use this command at first line:
- Category: Action
- Action: No target (or Target Self)

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Once the macro is created, you can drag its icon to your action bar.


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Hello Moniq,

thank you very much for these detailed tips. It will be very helpfull!

Hello Mjollren,
I have the feeling that this Macro-thing is near by my imaginations.

Now I must try it.

Thank you!


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By the way, you can make new text for standard gestures in the chat box. I.e.:
/alert waves to $t$

does the /alert animation (jumping up and down and waving both hands) and prints out (in around): Bitttymacod waves to ((name of target)).

See http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/13010/10 3#103 and links therein.


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Thank you Bitttymacod!

inspires by Zorroargh's post, I have discovered that the english-Wiki contains also a detailed discription for the macros.

On any Ryzom-wiki-Mainpage you can fly over (with mouse) the menu named 'Ryzom Wiki' in green writing
there are all available languages.

But not all languages are so detailed: In the german-wiki for example the chapter is missing. But it doesn't matter, english is ok

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