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#1 [fr] 

I cannot patch
This is how things occur:
after logging in, I must patch following tonight's maintenance.
I click on patch
I directly receive this :

for half a second, then this second message:

When I click on OK, the ryzom application quits. I have tried again several times but with exactly same result.

This PC runs Windows vista. I also have a notebook running Windows 8.1, the latter applied the patch without any issue. There is no CSR available in game at the time I write.

Could you help me please finding a solution for my main PC?

Best Regards

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#2 [en] 

There should be a stand alone RyzomClientPatcher somewhere in Ryzom program files. Running that outside of the client might fix your patch problem. Sorry I don't know the exact location on your OS.

#3 [fr] 

I have run the most recent patch on my 10yo Vista notebook, and it worked (it is a 32bit Vista, so it is the 32bit client, not sure whether that is a difference to your installation).

Moreover, my Ryzom instances are in single directories (folders), not using the Ryzom installer. Both instances had not been updated for a while and the amount of data was huge, 320MB in the one, 1699MB in the other case, so it took some time.

What I would recommend, is to save your "save" subdirectory somewhere and reinstall Ryzom after renaming or removing the old installation. Whether or not there are better ways depends on whether your Ryzom stuff is in a single Ryzom folder or distributed between game location and user profiles. In the latter case somebody else may help with hints.

In case all your Ryzom stuff is in one place, you may try to download the client from Sourceforge (it is 3.0.3079 if I recall correctly), along with the data part from Sourceforge, copy your save subdirectory in it, and start ryzom_client_r.exe. This should trigger patching, and work. Check whether you need 32bit or 64bit version.

A reinstallation with the new hierarchy style (user and game data apart) may simply be triggered by downloading the installer from ryzom.com. Patching will be performed during installation. Make sure that you found and saved your "save" directory before reinstalling.


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#4 [fr] 

Thank you for your answers.
Daomey, I don't really understand what you mean by "instance", is it the ryzom folder and the whole set of files? Only the application and configuration files?
Anyway,  I have 4 folders and only 2 look like being used at the time being, around 8Gb for each of them. I tried to rename them all and reinstall, went to ryzom site, picked up the installer which has downloaded a first .7z file of 1,5Gb than has started a second one and crashes every time.Here's the new issue. I have 12Gb free on C: Drive.

 Anyone has a clue how to fix it?  Still no CSR on line in game.

#5 [en] 

Thank you for your answers.
Daomey, I don't really understand what you mean by "instance", is it the ryzom folder and the whole set of files? Only the application and configuration files?

I think Daomei means several separate copies of the game client on harddisk.

Anyway, if you change folder names, uninstallator will be unable to correctly uninstall the application.

If you have space and know where the game is installed and storing your settings, try:
- backup everything game related somewhere
- uninstall the game
- remove all remaining game files and folders
- install or download&unpack a 3.x client
- run it and update
- copy (only) files with your settings back from backup into new installation (need some patience to select just what you need)

I am sorry, I am not sure I can help you more detailed, I have no Windows client, so better ask others who use it in case you don't know where to look for files I talk about.

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#6 [fr] 

Thanks. Actually, the back-up is already done and the second problem is occuring during the new installation.

#7 [en] 

Oh, sorry, thought you have troubles to uninstall it.

I think you should be able to get, unpack and run a client without using any installator. Any tip where to get that archive?
Thanks. Actually, the back-up is already done and the second problem is occuring during the new installation.

#8 [en] 

I am not sure how to fix your installation. To get a ryzom running quick and dirty, you could use this short howto:

http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/26077/1# 1

You have to figure whether your Vista is 32bit or 64bit, and download the appropriate client ryzom_live_client_win64.7z or yzom_live_client_win32.7z Once done, unpack the packed data to a directory (folder, fichier) where you want to have it. Ignore the installer. Best download the ryzom_live_data.7z as well and unpack it into the ryzom directory. Copy your save stuff there (it will contain your flags and macros etc.). When done just start by clicking ryzom_client_r.exe

I had several such copies of ryzom in the past, as the patches did not always work to my satisfaction. Automatic patching is making that less useful, nowadays. It is nice, anyway, to have a complete ryzom on a USB disk or stick, makes it portable.

The installer ist a useful tool, but sometimes leads to problems. Have a look at http://forge.ryzom.com/wiki/Ryzom_Installer_Manual , maybe it helps you to understand your problem and find a way out. Otherwise ask a CSR or, even better, try to get one (best Kervala, the client crack) at https://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ryzomsupport .

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#9 [fr] 

If client and installer patch failed, you can also try to use the Ryzom_client_patcher who is in the ryzom_live folder, in the directory of the game insallation.

Have a good day on Atys.

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