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Forgive me, I am just not understanding the mechanism, my guess is something is getting lost in translation. I didn't think it was looking at log in data, as indicated, I just figured it did a scan every so often and was curious as to how often that was because some folks often only log in for short durations

It's my understanding that installing any of those apps requires an API key. From original post

"RyGReg, Ryzom Guild Registry, gets the raw guild list from the Ryzom API " ... This is true for the Fame Tool also.

For example, when I looked at it after the update ... I had 5 guildies on line... when I opened the app none of them had been here as far back as I looked (> 6 months). So it would seem still, that in order for Guild leadership to be able to use this info, each guild member whose data will be reported, must have 'given up" an API key.

If this status check **does not need an API key**, then I go back to my original question No. 8 as explained in Post #11:

"is there any way to make the player status not dependent on whether the players are / are not using the RyGReg app ? " [or any other app].

In other words, ***if no API key is required***, if a name is on the imported member list, will dynamic icons allow the data to be pulled.

I have recommended your apps to many players in guild and out. Some don't want to load any apps for fear it will impede game performance, some for privacy regions, some struggle with the process of adding an API key. So while I respect those decisions from a guild management perspective, it would be a real bonus if in fact if no API key or app load was in fact required.


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I totally do not understand you.

You can choose not to install any app. If, in case or mine, you are not forced to be authenticated. In that case you can't personalize options and can't use any features that require API key.

While you are authenticated (means ryzom server told me your name, race, guild..., IG or in browser) You can go to sections with features based on character API key. In case you have none or required module is missing in your key, you are requested for a key. The key must be yours.

Any updates based on character API key work only if required module is present. All cached data overview is in your profile page. In Settings you can choose to remove all data cached from character API key and then remove your key. When you save, no API key data will exist in the database.

In same settings you can set yourself to be excluded from guild members list (Publish policy). Guild activity is not any related to any API key existence. You have two options:

1) Be part of the list (default)
You will be added first time spotted, by your leader/officer. by one-time import from guild API key or by automatic update from guild API key. And then every time its longer than 1 hour since the last time

2) Be excluded
Your activity will be logged the same way, but you will not be added to the guild members list and you will be mentioned only as "Unidentified member".

Guild leader (or other member who got rights from the leader) can provide guild API key in guild profile settings. Then it is possible to import members, all or those selected by checkbox. Changing the state of the checkbox will change homin's Publish policy settings. The reason is the guild leader has last word in who will or who will not be in the list.

Other option is to set guild members list to be updated automatically. When the list of members is older than 1 hour, it will be updated with first list request.

It's my understanding that installing any of those apps requires an API key. From original post

"RyGReg, Ryzom Guild Registry, gets the raw guild list from the Ryzom API " ... This is true for the Fame Tool also.
To get list of guilds requires no key. Fame tracker requires 2 modules from character API, C01 - Public (allows to read character allegiance) and P01 - Fame (allows to read character fame values). Without those there is no way how can I track your progress and related functions will be unavailable.

Maybe you talk about that any app does update of any type? Yes, your fame will be updated if you use RyGReg as authenticated user. Every update is is just one of modules. I will allow you to lock them in next release.

For example, when I looked at it after the update ... I had 5 guildies on line... when I opened the app none of them had been here as far back as I looked (> 6 months)
They must use any of my apps or at least install one and allow dynamic icon feature.

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This is clearly a language thing....but probably more terminology and the fact that you are using terms with which many of us in the player base are unfamiliar. For example, we used to write user manuals for software companies and the SoP was to assign a primary author who knew nothing about the application. After all knowledgeable users don't need user Manuals. They primary author would work under someone who did.

This is because the terminology that a familiar person might use would be assumed to be understood by the user and often this is not the case. I fear such an assumption has been made here. When you say "authentication" or "dynamic icon feature" few players know what that means. By "Home Page" are we talking about HOME on Ryzom web site, guild home page in app or something else ? The icon is on neither of those nor is it on the app bar ... hence the confusion.

My two original questions ...

1. I asked how often it checks to see if someone has had activity ... which by your answer is about every 60 minutes.

What I don't understand is ... if it checks at say 18:00 and 19:00 , if someone logged on from 18:15 to 18:45, will that show up on activity list ?. Restated for clarity ... when it looks, is it a snapshot of "who is present at 18:00 and then again at 19:00" ... or is it scanning to see "who was here between 18:00 and 19:00 ?"

2. I don't understand what you don't understand about me asking what needs to be enabled for me to see folks :)

These people are on line, we are in team, we are chatting, if as you stated, you are not using and do not need their API keys to see last login info, then why does the RyGreg activity list tell me that the people I am talking to have not been in game for 3 months ?

i) If as you stated you are not taking the info from API, then you must be taking it from outside the API. And if you are taking it from outside the API, then whether or not they have submitted an API key should be of no significance to what I am seeing.

ii) The last posts states.... "You will be added first time spotted, by your leader/officer. by one-time import from guild API key or by automatic update from guild API key. And then every time its longer than 1 hour since the last time"

OK, I have imported the list ... I see them on it. I'm looking at the activity list and, according to RyGReg, I am the only guild member with any activity since May 14. Amartii hasn't been on according to the log since May 05... his alt Fuina not since 03-25 ... both were on most of yesterday. Magez, also not since May 05.... also here most of yesterday... Skiy not since February.. Our GL Azad, not since February 2017. All have been on repeatedly since

So if it's not clear at this point .... what I was trying to do is obtain direction as to what I need to do by way of instruction to Guild members so that the guild mates I see in game every day show up on the activity log.

"They must use any of my apps or ***at least install one and allow dynamic icon feature***. "

Great, if only Iwe knew what that was and where to find it :)

The description states.

DAI .... "allows to display a dynamic icon in application bar or home page" ... I see nothing different on the app bar, guild home page or Ryzom page that I arrive at when i click the HOME button either in game

Please understand that I am not being critical in any way, just trying to get to the point where we understand what has to be done in order to use this app to its fullest extent. We are not understanding each other because the descriptors you used are not translating well

You have read the developer notes, you understand the concept fully ... but those of who do not are in the dark. I spent some hours playing with things and I think I have figured it out.

1. The "home page" as used in your description is not the Guild's Home Page in the app, nor the Ryzom home page (what we see when we click HOME button but what is actually labeled as the "User Apps List" found here:

2. The DAI is not on the app bar.... at least not mine.

I have now assumed the reason that all activity just stopped for our member players is that when the app was updated DAI defaults to the DISABLED state. Since no one had any idea the app was updated, no one knew to go in and set it ti ENABLED.

Therefore the direction i was looking for as to what I need to do so I can see them is that I need to tell folks that "guild would like to have the activity data so we can see when everyone last logged in for guild event planning purposes ... if you have no objection, please go to the In Game Application Listing and set the button to ENABLE."

If I may suggest for the English description of the DAI I would suggest the following:

"Dynamic application icon

The application is using new Ryzom app zone feature that allows a dynamic icon to be displayed in the list of applications page in the App Zone.

If you visit the "List of In Game Apps" Page linked above or in game, there is a new column entitled "Dynamic icon". Scrolling down to the RyGReg application, you will see a button icon which has the default status of "DISABLE".

If you are a member of a guild you should understand that after installing and using this application, by setting the Dynamic Application Icon to ENABLE, your presence in game will be periodically logged into the guild activity database. This information will be visible to other app users in the form of:

"Guild leader Joe Blow seen on Atys"
"HO Sam Schmoe details have been updated"
"Member John Doe has been removed"

If you do not want your activity to be logged in the database, then leave this icon set to display DISABLE

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HOME page

By this I mean your character home page, in client accessible with Shift+W.

Anonymous user

Anonymous is every application user whos character name is not known. This user is limited to use default application settings, his guild activity is not tracked and can see any public data.

Authenticated user

Some features requires to know a character name you currently act with. Typically adjustment of your application settings. In that case you are prompted to log in, which will redirect you from where you should start the application. When using IG browser, you may experience a session expiration, in that case you are asked to click HOME button to restart the session.

Ryzom server works as dummy proxy here. It will "start" the app for you and (important) will provide a way the application can use to confirm it is really you (authentication). Then returns some basic data about your character. All is realized using PHP Ryzom API via ryzomapi_lite. Install and run RyApp Example application from App Zone to see what all application knows about you in this case.

If member of a guild, your character activity is logged every time your last activity is older than ~60 minutes. The trigger to run the check is starting one of my applications as authenticated.

Dynamic icons

This is new feature in Ryzom App Zone. In case you allow dynamic icon for any of my apps, the application icon on App bar and on HOME page (Shift+W in game) will be reloaded every time you reload that bar (typically comming on-line) or HOME page (logging into, opening in client). This will be same as running the app authenticated and will trigger activity check.

API key and modules

API key gives access to selected character data. You can get (create) your character API key using Ryzom API. Different applications may require different key modules based on purpose as I highlighted on following image.

See application About (click on application name/icon in top left corner) to view which module is required and why. Book of guilds has no user interface but language change and do not require any API keys. The following image shows modules requirement for Fame tracker.

If authenticated user wants to use a feature based on character API key, he is prompted to insert a valid key which includes required modules.

Data cache

The trigger for updates is same as for activity (see above). In case your API key contains module P01, system monitors changes of your fame. In case there is P02 module presented, system monitors changes of your master skill levels. If any of C04, C05, C06 or A03 modules are present and your inventory cache is expired, system will cache items in your inventory.

You can remove all your personal data in your settings. To clean everything up delete your full name, set Publish policy to Exclude from guild members list, remove your API key and check all in Clear cached data. Then click Save. In guild activity log you will be referred as Unidentified member.

Since the next release you will be able to lock every specific update / activity in Customization settings. Level tracking is realized for Level tracker application which will be released along. Bag App and Letter app will be released later, probably with next major update.

Finally, I have created a simplified diagram how it is, generally, done. Will this give you your answers?

#20 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Deutsch | Español | Français

RyGReg 0.9

General changes

Guild relationships management was fixed as well as many other minor issues. There were made some improvements in guild database updates and Statistics displays graph of guilds on Atys. Graphs of activity include current month along 12 month history.

Guild profile

Set of scripts related to guild profile has been cleaned-up. Guild profile contains auto-generated guild description based on known guild data, this feature originally comes from Book of Guilds. Your guild profile contains link to guild inventory accessible using Bag App.

Outpost incidents

RyGReg newly keeps history of incidents between guilds. This is mainly useful to monitor by active outposts. Based on changes of the owner it is also possible to track possession time of each place. I did try to reconstruct incidents history from guild activity log however some battles might be missing, most of locations is unknown and it is not possible to monitor unsuccessful attempts. Table of known incidents in last 12 months is available in Recent updates section as well as graph of amount in time.

Role-play options

One of important news is to allow users to enable more role-play options. With use of Blablatys database, users are allowed to select role-play language. This will create another translation layer and your application will be primarily localized into preferred atys language with fallback to your preferred language with fallback to default language (english).
Another option is live conversion of all dates into Atys timeline along with two new Date and time formates by Atys conventions. And when you feel far from Atys, enable use of your national font. There is one specific font for each Atys race. Unfortunately, in-game browser will ignore this setting.

User interface clean-up

Application UI has been cleaned up. Some additional changes were made for better use in UG browser and customization options were separated for each application. One of new key features is support for scaling. While regular browsers have this feature built-in, this option targets on use with in-game browser and allows you to scale application interface between 90% and 200%.

Color management was replaced with database backend as well as operations log has new database backend. Users can browse log history and let new messages to aggregate into one summary to save space on screen. Cache updates were moved into separate thread to improve performance. Changelog and version system has new database backend.

Usage and installation

You can run the application IG using command /appzone 1947 from any chat window or install RyGReg from App zone. All suggestions are welcome.

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Multilingual | [English] | Deutsch | Español | Français

RyGReg 0.9.1

Maintenance release

This version is mostly a maintenance release. It profits from new system features and also brings various fixes. The most important one is that the interface of the Book of Guilds was reworked and should work fine in-game again.

Changes shared by all applications

The cache update mechanism, especially inventory cache in case of (multiple) guild halls, might take some serious time to complete. While you can still customize cache lifetime for each storage and affect the length between automatic updates, all general update locks are now also accessible from user settings. In case you lock any type of update, the system still checks for new changes and offers a way how to run the update manually. This allows you to have updates always locked and run it on your request.

There were also made some fixes and improvements on the update process itself and the system of localization is now using temporary translation cache to reduce number of database queries. The system tracks if your character has a profile on Ryzom Armory server and offers a link for such Homin. All applications except DeepList also contain basic user documentation.

The set of application icons was updated to better fit with the Ryzom client theme. This change is followed by update of license details in About section. System font database was reworked and the colour palette database now supports colour opacity.

Usage and installation

You can run the application IG using command /appzone 1947 from any chat window or install RyGReg from App zone. All suggestions are welcome.

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