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#1 [en] 

The battle is on! The Browser classic with a twist! Will you support the side of light or is your heart filled with darkness? Find out with the new Cookie Clicker App in the AppZone! (Or type /appzone 2000 ingame, to try it instantly)

May the Great Cookie guide us all!



#2 [en] 

Goo threatens Atys and also the Great Cookie! Are you waiting on the translation during an event?
Or just want to "feel good" and do the right thing? Or become one of the Goo Tribe members and spread the disease?

Make your dream come true with the Cookie Clicker App Goo Edition!

(Now with 16% more achievements and 5% less Kitins!)



#3 [en] 

The cookie is slowly corrupting those who fell for the dark side! Help to purify the world and join the side of light or give in to corruption and embrace your inner dark side!

Curious? Join the cookie army!


#4 [en] 

A bug preventing clicks from new players to appear in the ranking has been fixed. Please give it another try if you clicked in the past and didn't see your name appear in the list.


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