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What the title says.

I start the client and log in. I click on the "new mail" icon near the compass, read the message(s), close the window. The icon stays near the compass for at least 5 more minutes, however.

Just wondered if everyone else experiences this. I play on Windows 7, and this "feature" has been present in the client since v2.1.0 at least.

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That has been the case since the mail reader was installed. It's a feature. Update of the flags is based on an interval, not on demand. It reduces the load on the server.

I do not know this for sure, not being a dev, but it makes sense.


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Client polls for mail/forum icons for every 5 or 10 min intervals. Those icons also get updated when you visit main webpage, forum icon updates when accessing forum, and mail icon updates when accessing mail.

Mail icon not updating was indeed a bug and now fixed.



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