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To go to the special island to create your own village using the Scenographic Editor:

1- Go to a Ring teleport near the capitals, in Marauder camp, or on Silan next to Chiang.
2- Click on it, then on "Open the Scenographic Editor". It will teleport you to a map in which you can create your own village.
3- To exit the map (go back to your location before going to the island), click on "Exit" in the main Scenographic Editor window (the one with the scene list).

Please notice that there is currently a bug that makes the Editor crash if you show/hide items. A fix will be added on Monday.

We wish you a merry Atysmas, and enjoy the editor,

Ryzom Team

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Möchte auf einen weiteren Bug im Steamclient (Linux) hinweisen. Nach einloggen ist nach wenigen Sekunden eine Bewegung mittels der Pfeiltasten nicht mehr möglich.

LG Wavlotte
Reist zu einer speziellen Insel, um dort euer eigenes Dorf mit Hilfe des szenografischen Editors zu erschaffen: 
1. Geht zu einem der glühenden Ring-Teleporter vor allen Hauptstädten, im Marodeur-Lager, oder auf Silan gleich neben Chiang dem Starken.
2. Klickt den Teleporter an, dann klickt auf "Öffne den szenografischen Editor". Das wird euch in eine Landschaft teleportieren, in der ihr euer (Segensfest-)Dorf bauen könnt.
3. Um diese Landschaft wieder zu verlassen und dorthin zurückzukommen, von wo ihr zur Insel abgereist seid, klickt auf "Exit" (Verlassen) im Hauptbildschirm des szenografischen Editors (in dem mit der Szenerie-Liste).
Bitte beachtet, dass es noch einen Bug in dieser Beta-Version des Editors gibt, der ihn abstürzen lässt, wenn ihr Objekte zeigen/verstecken versucht. Ein Bugfix wird am Montag eintreffen. 
Wir wünschen euch ein fröhliches Segensfest, und habt Freude mit dem Editor!
Euer Ryzom-Team

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My Silan alt entered the editor from Silan and exited in FH.

UPDATE - Thank you, Wrox, for returning me to my rightful place :)

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I tested the Scene Editor for several hours now, I like it very much and I would use it a lot more if at least the crashes where fixed :)
Some bug report and feature request:

Things that need to be fixed (MacOS)
- always crashes when removing the last shape in a group
- sometimes crashes when removing shapes
- often crashes after a (successful) save
- character re-spawn in strange locations (after a crash) from Tryker/Matis/Fyros Terminal (Jungle is ok)
- a lot of shapes especially mobs have a wrong texture (with large arrows on it)

Already announced features
- scale X & Y & Z
- mobs and npc controlled by ai
- ability to invite other players
- all ring maps

Features that where in Ring (as far as I know)
- change weather, season and time of day
- Tryker plant shapes, I was not able to find any

Other features I would highly appreciate
- ability to duplicate changed shapes or copy/paste the transformation from one shape to an other shape
- ability to disable collisions completely
- limit the height of a collision shape to the double of the height of a homins collision shape
- change the name of a scene or delete it

And some more (less important)
- ability to move/rotate/resize items based on changing numeric values (the current way is already very good for most users, but for me it would allow me to work a lot faster with the editor)
- import/export a scene to/from a local file/folder
- make it possible to use the editor without internet connection
- make it possible for users to add tags to shapes and filter shapes by tag
- show a miniature preview image and/or a miniature preview of the texture used (depending on what is easier to realize)
- an additional camera that is separated from the character and that can be freely moved and the possibility to switch fast between the free camera and the normal character camera
- being able to export the existing texture of a shape, edit it (Gimp, Photoshop) and import it again to add it to the shape

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