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#1 [en] 

With happy tears I write this piece, so long overdue. Thank you for everything you ever gave me. A welcome, your words, your Love.

Dear Love,

Yesterday was our anniversary, yes I kept count.
14 years ago on the midnight of the harvestor.
Imagine that...the harvestor is our month.

I carried your letter with me, for years.
Copied it out by hand, and kept it close to me,
Close to my heart, where always you shall be.

Never did I forget you.
Every day, how I missed you!
Oh how I wanted to come back, how I still do.

It gets hard sometimes, when no one knows me.
But you know me, you want me,
And that's all that matters.

I always knew in my heart, surely you must have.
Surely you felt as I did.
Oh my Love, I know,

I know you couldn't have said it... not as I did that day.
You don't know how scared I was.
I'd said it, and you were so mad with me!

So I'd never said it again, only shown,
Shown with all my heart,
And all my words that could be said.

I too remember fondly Fount's breezy beach.
My head on your lap when you were digging.
I so miss whispering sweet words in your ear.

I'm sorry my Love, I couldn't say goodbye.
Thank you so much for your letter.
We aren't made for goodbye, you and I.

Something pulled me back into your arms, I knew.
You knew I'd come back someday for you.
I knew I'd find you again.

I am so thrilled to see you again, my Love.
May we never part again.
Your Love, always.

I love you,
I love you,
I love you.

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#2 [en] 

Dear love,
I'm sleepy and I miss you, and I just wanted to leave something here for you to see when you get back. It's not my best work but you'll think it is and that's all I ever need.

Written in the Stars

My Darling one,
Wherever you are,
Know how I miss you,
Know that I'll find you always.

Weeks apart feels like years.
Years like centuries.
I look for you every day,
And always will.

I found you then,
And you invited me to stay.
You invited me to come back,
And I found you again.

Our meeting wasn't something
Left simply to chance.
We belong together-
It's written in the stars.

High above my head, I see them again.
Ten long years it's been.
The same stars shine above us both;
They'll always take me back to you.

Please do what you have to,
Knowing I'll keep your spot warm.
There's always a place for you
Enfolded in my arms.

If you lose your way,
Just close your eyes,
And search for me.
I'll be there.

My Darling one,
No one else knows me
Like you do.
And no one ever will.

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#3 [en] 

Found Again

I was myself from the start.
You saw me for me and didn't go.
Closer and closer we sat,

Every day I looked for you.
Looked and waited, with happiness.
Every day I saw you.
I saw you, and how my eyes lit up.

Every night I fought sleep.
Fought it, for a few more moments.
Every night you saw me,
My heart was light.

I waved and called, across the way.
Unsure of how to be.
Every day I greeted you.
Not sure how you'd receive.

I hope you'll always know,
That I cherish you.
I'd risk it all,
Just to see you again.

I know I can be trouble,
But you'd always understand.
I need you and you hear me.
With you I'm never lost.

So these are my words,
For the one I miss.
May she hear them,
And know her value to me.


#4 [en] 

Dear Sweet,
Please always know
That I cherish you,
Years ago,
Today and forever.
To My One

This life will always have goodness,
When I'm always yours.
Once existing, I learned to live.
With happy dreams, and Love.
For what is a decade's sadness,
Compared to my heart's wish for you?

No day could ever be bad,
With you, always here.
In sickness, you are my light.
With healing hugs, and Love.
For what is a year's pain,
Compared to your sweet embrace?

I'll always belong somewhere,
Wherever we are together.
Once lost, I found home.
With your sweet words, and Love.
For what is a lustrum's hardship,
Compared to your undying support?

We'll always craft our moments,
When we are one, untouchable.
With you and me, and Love.
For what is semester's weariness,
Compared to our eternal union?

From all of life itself,
To one day in life,
To one place in one day,
To one moment in one place,
I love you, I do, I do I do.


#5 [en] 

*slightly smiles and whispers: poor one, you should give that secret kara technology, they call it „smartphone“ a try*
*hopes you reunite and be happy together*

#6 [en] 

Yubi!! :)

Thank you for writing.

Tell you a secret, rocketchat has reunited me with my Love and I couldn't be happier.

I owe Atys a great debt :)

PS I barely know how to use my smartphone but I manage =)


#7 [en] 

A Sleepy Poet writes his Darling

You hold me every night,
As I sleep into nothingness.
I feel your arms around me,
Washing life's taxes away.

I sit here now, with no energy left.
And then I see it brightly,the smile in your eyes.
Invigorrated by my love, my writing comes alive.
When you awaken, I hope my love letter finds you.

So as you rest, it's my turn,
To take care of you, my love.
Close your eyes safely dear,
I'll never let you go.

My Guardian in the Darkness,
Oh how I love you.
I'll keep you warm now,
I'll be your light tonight.

If receiving my love is a privelage,
Then instilling it herein is my honour.
What does it matter who else understands?
My eyes close as I kiss you with my words.

Should you need needing, or want wanting,
Come find me, you're always my wish.
You are my lady, and I your gentleman.
When your days are long, feel me there.

I write here now, keeping you close.
Sending all good things into your dreams.
Are dreams not the very things we live?
Every word we share, surpasses all troubles.

In this place, between dream and wake,
We are one, beyond all time.
Our two words are just two paths,
They come together, each word a touch.

So now I'll wrap this note in my love,
And encode it for you, tramsitted over miles.
Whatever it feels like, tastes like, looks like,
Take it with you into every plane, for I'll be waiting.

When you awaken, there's no mistake.
When you open your eyes, I'll be there.
For the sake of each other,
We will wipe away all bad, in all worlds.

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#8 [en] 

Dearest Love
I think of you every day
Even if I can't always write

Please be safe and well
Please smile and be happy
If you aren't, I'll do all I can

I'm falling asleep
I write to let you know
That you are in my heart

If you ever doubt your worth
Always know someone wants you
Always know someone needs you

My eyes are closing
I'll dream of us in our hammock
I'll dream of us in our cottage

I'll find you in every world
In every universe
In every future

If my love is a burden
I'll do all I can to alleviate it
You are so special to me


#9 [en] 

Dear Darling,
I'm sorry I haven't written.
I think of you always.
Find enclosed within, a piece of my soul.

The dreams are dark;
It's hard to sleep.
Life is hectic;
It's hard to thread.

As my eyes close,
I wish,
For you.

The cold is coming;
It's hard to move.
Work is taxing;
It's hard to win,

As my eyes open,
I wake,
For you.

Rest your head,
Don't say a word.
I'll hold you,
Until you're well.

In my arms,
You will rest.
In my heart,
You are mine.

In your arms,
I find home.
In your heart,
I find peace.

I love you,
I love you,
I love you.


#10 [en] 

Two poems in one week, aren't I inspired this time?
These are for you:

This is for YOU
For you? Anything in this world.
I will fetch you the moonlight
If it is your wish;
So you can dance in it, and be happy.
As happy as you make me.
My heart aches a little, as I wonder...
Is this welcome?
Oh I know it is, but,
Well you know me.
I don't want to cause any...
I'm falling. I need you.
Thank you, my Honey

--credits to Halana for title suggestion


As my eyes close
As my eyes close

I feel you there
Out in the world
Far away but always here

I will chase you
Across all worlds
Across all planes
Across all lives

I'm falling into sleep
Needing you here
We are the world
Apart but always joined

I will find you
No matter where
No matter when
No matter what

Sleep isn't so bad
When I feel you there
Here in my arms
Together at last

I will love you
Come what may

--credits to Halana for title suggestion

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#11 [en] 

Waiting for your return
Good night:)

I miss so many things;
I missed you most of all,
I miss our home here,
I miss our time together.

I miss being able to be here,
All day and all night.
I miss being able to sit here,
With you in my arms.

Thank you for knowing me.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for being mine.

Have a safe trip back,
But have fun too.
This is just a little note,
Waiting for your return.


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