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I was gathering flowers on a hot summerday. It was highnoon and i decided to give myself some rest. Upon this hill there was some shade that was casted by a large fruit tree. I drank some water from the flask i carried with me, but noticed i forgot to fill it up before i started gathering. How could i forget this? I never forget this...

The ground was covered with moss. It was so soft, like sitting on pillows...
Maybe i could wait for a couple of hours and return to Yrkanis in the evening, when the heat of the burning sun was less? Some fruit had fallen from the tree, i could use it to hydrate. So i picked one up that was right in front of me. I never saw this kind of fruit before, it smelled sweet...
The first bite was a little bit bitter, but to be honest it didn't taste that bad at all.

As i sat there, i was watching some yubos who playfully ran up and down some branches of the tree who gave me shelter.
Curious as i am, i wondered how in Ma-Duk's name they were able to get there. Could yubos climb trees?

I tried to get up to investigate, only to find out that the lower parts of my body were stuck. The moss i sat on was like quicksand and every movement i did sucked me deeper into the ground. I knew the only way out was to teleport. By moving slow and gently i managed to open my bag and took a pact at random and used it...

What happened after this point is blurred. Yes i ported, but to a place i couldn't recall being before. The surrounding area looked like Prime Roots, but was it? There was no teleporter, everything was glowing in a color i didn't knew existed. All was so quiet...
I grabbed another pact out of my bag, this time not random.


Nothing happend.
It was clear i had to find some way out of here, so i started walking.
I walked for several days...

I was half alive , close to despair. I prayed. Please Ma-Duck guide me! I even asked Jena.

I don't know why i did it, maybe madness took over me now i was facing death, but i started digging, not to gather materials, but to give them back. Everything i took from this planet and was still sitting in my bag i gave back. Burying it all in the thick black soil.
A warm glow bubbled up inside of me, my senses were sharp. It was like i knew were to go.

And there it was, the monolith. It humbled me.
It spoke to me in a language i never heard before, yet the words were very clear and full of meaning. It told me all my fears and wishes, all my flaws and merits. It showed me the faces of every homin i've hurt. The faces of all the homins who loved me...
It spoke from places far beyond the sun, far beyond this time, far beyond this realm...

I fell to my knees , closed my eyes and cried.

It's voice stopped. I heard and smelled something familiar...



This kami guild does not recruit at the moment.

Only when the location of the monolith is found , recruitement will start.

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