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Thank you FF for your questions. 2. is the stretch / bonus an item gets, not the rubbarn boost.

I investigated your question regarding anete and buo and found an issue with my formulas handling these cases in KipeeCraft. I uploaded a new beta, which should reflect the ingame behaviour even better now.

Buo gets no boost at all, so the raw stats add up which leads to a 1 for durability. Anete however gets maximum boost shifting the 1 durability below 1 and is then floored to 0 for the final preview. The difference is due to the boost applied in one case.


Changes as of 20180128:
* improved precraft accuracy for bordercases between weak boost and no boost to match ingame values (e.g. boost of 1,0023)

Get your copy here http://www.mollylovescake.org/kcbeta/

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The current beta has still some issues left with floating point numbers and accuracy (my eternal nemesis!). I most recently discovered this issue: if you take 99.95, multiply it by 100, convert to integer and divide by 100 again it becomes 100 instead of 99.95!

x = int(x * 100) / 100;

This resulted in some false positives 100% recipes which only end up at 99% ingame. Fortunately the original KipeeCraft (non Beta) is correct. I will work this fix into the next release of the beta version, stay tuned for updates.



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I got no idea what language that is, but could it have some sort of

x = double(x * 100) / 100;


Other way could be doing bit operations (shifting, rolling and adding) instead of multiply/divide. That's atleast what we do on 8-bit world ;)


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This was just an example, no real code. It is related to single and double and the fact some numbers can't be stored in those datatypes. I had everything on currency before (could also use integer only and scale everything), but ryzom is internally also using singles and doubles. When I had KC *exact* it spilled out wrong numbers, because the game also has some rounding, cutoff, drift etc.

It is quite a challenge... But a welcome one.



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Here' a tirck I uysed for many years in the spreadsheet version of BT Crafting Ranges.  For rounding to dodge parry..lets say with max = 3, min = -1, everyting from -1 to 1.99 = 1, where x = %

 @ Int(X * 4) - 1

So everything from 0.76 to 0.99 was +2

0.74 x 3 = 2.96
Int(3.04) = 2
2 - 1 = 2

0.76 x 3 = 3.04
Int(3.04) = 3
3 - 1 = 2

0.99 x 4 = 3.96
Int(3.96) = 3
3 - 1 = 2

1.00 x 4 = 4.00
Int(4.00) = 4
4 - 1 = 3

I came up w/ the idea due to the limited coding capability of 1973 era Fortran.  I was attempting to write a program to size concrete beams and round the depth up to nearest half inch .. for that I had to double it +1.  had forgotten about it till tried to address Dodge / Parry in spreadsheet calculator.  My son, the SS geek (in finance) siggested a look up table and wrote a 67 character thing which worked ... this was easier :)


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When I am standing on my dig spots of late with the goal of actually digging, I have instead been going back into the spreadsheets which serve as the basis for the Craft Ranges Tool and converting all the formulae to text with the idea that these could be put into KC as Arc describes in the early posts.

Frankly, the SS is much easier as the 1st sheet has all the IG values for min and max. This data alone runs 61 columns by 75 rows and it's much easier throwing in a Cell No. on that sheet that writing out all the variables in text. Pulling them out and not getting something crossed for 30 crafts x 40 individual characteristics is mind scrambling.

For example most weaps formulae look like:

Min x (QL * BV) + (Max - Min) * (QL * BV) * Precraft % * RB


Min = Minimum Value
Max = Maximum Value (usually but not always twice Min Value)
BV = Base Value = This is a constant determined by trial and error
QL = Craft Quality Level
Precraft % = What Kipeecraft or Precraft window IG shows you
RB = Rubbarn Boost

BTW, Arc ... any chance of support for TRUNC aka Integer or round down function ?

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Pulling them out and not getting something crossed for 30 crafts x 40 individual characteristics is mind scrambling.

BTW, Arc ... any chance of support for TRUNC aka Integer or round down function ?

I agree, the current system is not very userfriendly. I'm looking into it as we speak...

trunc / int / round is already added, it's called floor.
; Supported Math Operations / Functions:
; + - * / ^ ( ) round() floor() ceil() sqr() sqrt() abs() sign()


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EDIT: So.... Is there a yubo above Q60, that appears normally?

If "annually" qualifies as "regularly" then there is Yubohoho (q270). Otherwise, q60 is as big as a Yubo gets.

Just update, there is a q70 Yubo boss on Atys for some time now.
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