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When selecting items for a recipe, the mat pictures display Q250, no matter what the Q is set in KK. Is that just the image or the mat is Q250?
The image shows the highest Q available on atys of this mat. The Plan Options Q is used to change postcraft calculations, for example you have a sword plan with Q200 mats and want to see how damage would look for a lower version (Q100 for example) of the weapon.
I also noticed that despite entering Q100 in the KC Mat Selector, it still marks the mats significantly higher.
This Q is the minimum Q a mat must have to be shown. For example you want to craft a Q200 sword, you don't want to see loot, which is below Q200. SO you set this filter to Q200 and all mats are shown which are available at 200 or higher.

Hope this helps,


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This is something most can craft.

I use it to get skill points.
Medium Quality Staff

35 - Durability
24 - Lightness
85 - Sap Load
35 - Damage
35 - Speed
24 - Dodge Modifier
25 - Parry Modifier
35 - Adversary Dodge Modifier
25 - Adversary Parry Modifier

Q100, Fine, Purple, Cost 38
36.1% Average, no Boost, 0% Wasted
Medium Quality Staff
Shaft 10x Fine Beckers Bark
Grip 9x Fine Shu Fiber

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It took a bit of adjusting in order to work, because KC is very sensitive to the order of the functions and I did not expect the precraft to be a whole number instead of a decimal, but here is the formula to convert precraft melee weapon speed to server speed.

Speed = 600/(2+floor(600/(<base hpm>+(<hpm range/100>*<precraft>))))

I used those stats, but rounded up slightly on some of the 2h weapons to make base client hpm exactly half the max.

The server speed is the most accurate we have, but maybe some people still want the client speed? idk... maybe another dropdown option for this...

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Now with damage, FyrosFreddy had the correct formula for 2h sword- I'm sure the other are close enough too. However, I'm going to use the 2h sword formula with the weapon damage factors for the KC post craft stat, it might be the closest we can get to game and only requires changing 1 number at start of formula- I did not put the Floor function, I'm not sure if just the display drops the decimal or if it reduces dmg...

Damage = <Dmg Factor>*(26+<quality>)*(100+<precraft>)/100

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Thank you for your work, Placio! I'm looking into these formulas for the next release of KipeeCraft. I'm sure some blank spots are still there, but we can get them filled in slowly with the help of the community!


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I must say kipee craft is such a helpful tool. I use it and i find that the people who work on it do not get enough praise. I find that they should get some sort of reward. I would if i knew what would be a praiseworthy gift. However, I do not. Therefore, for now i will just give my gratitude to those who preformed and gave their hard work to others. THANK YOU.

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Added a very tiny bit to the dmg equation to get it to work below q10 (not that I think many people using KC will care about q10)

Damage = <DmgFactor>*(26+<quality>+sqr(1/sqr(<quality>)) )*(100+<precraft>)/100

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This looks.... wicked! Just tell me, if you need any additional mathematical function added. I just threw some standard features in there without much strategic planning...


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Well if we could use any power that equation would be a bit simplier. However, I don't expect any other stat will use ^4 that I know of...

Damage = <DmgFactor>*(26+<quality>+(1/(<quality>^4)))*(1 00+<precraft>)/100

(or if you really enable the power function it could be:
Damage = <DmgFactor>*(26+<quality>+(<quality>^-4)*(100+ <precraft>)/100

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Therefore, for now i will just give my gratitude to those who preformed and gave their hard work to others. THANK YOU.

Thank you for your kind words! KipeeCraft always was and probably always will be a community effort. I would have stopped working on it long ago, if it wasn't for all the feedback and suggestion from the players.

I can't add every requested feature, but I get inspired all the time to work on the project again and constantly improve its quality.



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Arcueid was so nice and implemented possibility to start KC with forced path to data/recipe/config files. Now it is possible to instal KC system-wide and every user can store own copy in home directory.

For those who are lazy as I am, because to download archive, unpack, open unpacked directory with KC and run is so hard (not talking about creating shortcut!) I made dumb DEB pseudo-package. It contains current version of KC plus starting script forcing path to ~/.kipeecraft, icons and menu shortcut installed into system directories.

The only reason I made this package is that I keep private repository and this way I can use debian/mint update system to install new versions on all boxes i currently run.

Arcueid suggested that someone other might be interrested, so here is link to current package version. There is no warranty of any kind, ofc :P Tested a bit on Linux Mint 18 with default wine 1.6.2 and seems to be working on Debian 7 (oldstable) with wine 1.4.1. Many thanks to Syell for her help.

Feedback? Hm... maybe... you try :P

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Well if we could use any power that equation would be a bit simplier. However, I don't expect any other stat will use ^4 that I know of...

Done! Added the ^ Operator for power. Get the latest beta here, as usual



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maybe someone is willing to share those postcraft patterns please? *big eyed smile*

for speed ig this should fit using the stats placio mentioned (THX)

<hpm max> + ((<precraft> / 100) - 1) * <hpm base>
maybe the result has to be floord like:
floor(<hpm max> + ((<precraft> / 100) - 1) * <hpm base>)

maybe someone can give a hint on that

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very close :)

if you assume that the max speed is double the min, which it mostly is, then you can easily say:

Displayed speed= floor(<hpm base>+(<hpm base>*<precraft>/100))

For an even more exact, but not really that important since displayed speed is not real anyway- you can calculate the hpm range (max-base), but its still almost going to be half of the max.

The reason I posted the server speed formula earlier is that we don't get the speed displayed on the weapon information once the server runs our attacks :(

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thanks placio.
my main question was if flooring is always needed to get the ig stats.

if i understand correctly: ig i can have 60 client speed on two sample daggers but one of em can be a little better due to the different server speed?

another question: anyone can show me the formula for durability on amps?

thanks in advance


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