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I used to play in 2010 (and probably even before that) and just found this on Steam, what a surprise.

So I decided to play again, I'm a Tryker, at Fairhaven atm, paid account.

Are there any English speaking guilds recruiting new players? I'm willing to learn and contribute (in any way possible).

Thanks :)

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Welcome back!

I think most if not all guilds here are recruiting, and they present themself here: Guildregistry Forum

An important thing to think about for choosing a guild, is which faction you want to be, there's Kami, Karavan, Marauder, Ranger, (Trytonists) to choose from. And it's best to choose a guild who have people online in the same timezone as you.

See you on Atys!

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Welcome back.

Was going to add more but Siela pretty much covered it. :o)


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Thanks for the info guys, very useful.

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I was going to post Guild Registry and Nomads Guild Post but someone got the registry already =p

I wanted to add that you shouldn't rush it - choose a Guild that has the ethos you relate to.

Have fun and WB =]


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Always good to welcome back a returning player. Welcome back :-)


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