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Ryzom Forge meeting's agenda - 12th of september 2016

on IRC (freenode) #ryzomforge

1 Communication & Marketing Group

2 Lore Group

3 Event Group

4 Translation Group

5 Support Group

6 Dev Group

7 Ark Group

8 Level Design Group

9 Graphics Group

10 Music Group

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no links? (or not done yet and this is the place holder?)


Remickla (atys)
Other games - they give you a cookie whether you succeed or not, in fact you don't even have to participate. Ryzom takes your cookie, eats it in front of you, and slaps you 2 or 3 times for bringing a cookie in the first place.
What Cookies is about ---- Contact Cookies ---- Cookies at Events ---- For Cookies Diggers and Crafters
Useful Links:
cookies approved referance data, guides, and more. --- ryztools web version --- talkIRC forum post table of contents

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It's place holder.
The unrefined meeting you can read here,
for the next six days.

Amazing, lots of new things till end of this year :)

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2 Lore Group

Namcha: So in Lore Team we have to kind of works, external and internal. external. external means working with other teams, for example helping to prepare a event. that's the case for a matis sequence.
internal works, means thing that are a bit, or a lot "secret" for the moment. But those are documents that will be declined for the use of event team, and sometimes into docs or chronicles for players. like this we have docs that cover all flora, for all ecosystem, including microvegetation. other docs resume history of each nation since the begining
and we have also "technical lore" that describe scientifically (don't forget it is SF) all phenomena on atys.

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6 Dev Group

6.1 v3 clients

Kervala: v3 client is done since a while now. We added some new features recently:

- Nimetu improved the mp3 player, we're now able to use it on all platforms, we don't have a file selector anymore. We just need to create a "music" directory a put our mp3, ogg, etc... files inside. I'll make a readme.txt for v3 full version with comments. But it should be a temporary solution before an ingame file selector is implemented.

- Thanks to SIELA1915 I fixed a little bug: all downloaded files on OS X were flagged as "quarantine" so OS X asked the confirmation to open files downloaded by Ryzom such as a new client just patched.

- Translations were updated recently too (only small fixes).

- Ulukyn detected a problem with generated .bat files for patch under Windows. that are now fixed.

The last changes/tests we did were about Ryzom Installer, a little program to migrate/install Ryzom. Installer is done, I think I fixed last bugs. I'll do new full tests tomorrow or this week from a 2.1 client. If you have question on
Installer, don't hesitate to ask them Ryzom Installer can be downloaded from : There are some 7z files with installer alone. If you put it somewhere and you run it, it'll propose you to download files
and copy them from an existing installation. If you put it in the same directory as Ryzom, it'll ask you to migrate your current client to new structure, that's really the last step before making the v3 client available via the next official patch. All players will finally be able to use a v3 client.

The exedll.bnp from next patch won't contain Ryzom client but installer renamed client_ryzom_rd.exe, it'll download all exedll_*.bnp for each platform (linux, os x, windows) (from the technical side is a "A" not the same as a "a" and you have a lot more possibility to creat more/new commands). Once the patch is done, it'll close the client and launch client_ryzom_rd.exe that'll be the launcher. So the installer is very simple it'll display a wizard wheere you just need to click on Continue. It'll copy data and client in a location where use can write (in C:\Users\<login>\AppData\Local\Ryzom\ryzom_live by default)and all user files (logs, client.cfg, screenshots, etc...) in C:\Users\<login>\AppData\Roaming\Ryzom\0 (0 is the default profile) that'll allow to have several profiles with different settings, different accounts, etc... But with only one copy of data.

The new client won't require UAC anymore since it can write in its new directory. it's a security improvement :) because it's run as an administrator. To summarize, we needed to create an installer for next patch because : we
need to move files in a writable directory and we need to be aware of new BNP with platform specific clients the same installer will be downloadable from official site (it should take less than 10 MB) and will download data and
right client from SF this installer will be available in Ubuntu Software Center too and don't worry if I only talk about Windows version, but it works in the same way under Linux and OS X, Windows client has just more contraints :s

The replacement of the existing 2.1 client by 3.0 client (the same than the one on Steam), via a patch, is imminent (scheduled for next week if all goes well).

Q: We will have to be reinstalle V3 with this install or we can keep it installed already?
A: everything will be transparent to all players. There will be just one click "continue" / "Continue" after the patch and the client will run as before ; will ask even if you want to uninstall the old client.
Shaliss: it will not crush our file save it? (Or should we copy the adhesive patch somewhere before?)
Kervala: Install will manage itself the Add / Remove Program ; in principle, it will only copy the files; if you have files in it, you can say you want to keep the old version. it's just because the patch system is not currently designed to handle multiple platforms in the BNP.

Q: So it is testable from now?
A: Yes but there still have some bugs. We will do tests as it is anyway critical.

Q: There is an interface to select the user profile (C: \ Users \ <login> \ AppData \ Roaming \ Ryzom \ <N>)?
A: There is an interface to select the user profile (C: \ Users \ <login> \ AppData \ Roaming \ Ryzom \ <N>). then by default, it automatically creates a profile "0", but yes there is an interface; can even select a different client.

Q Kervala: Do you like the font change? The lines of text are more spaced and characters are not trucated.

The other projects (Rites, missions, additions of graphic designs by RF) were waiting for the v3. So everything is going to start again soon!

6.2 Reversibility of paying mode

The move of Ryzom to Free to Play/Freemium mode has just been announced on the forums:
Ryzom was not a true F2P since a subscriber account could no more access the game after unsubscription and we were criticized about that, especially on Steam.
This change, scheduled for late September if the tests are correct, will give unsubscribed accounts continued access to the game server but with the restrictions of a Free to Play account. 

Tariffs and service offered will remain the same

Tests are underway on Yubo.

6.3 Opening of ARK to the players

It is planned for October if all goes well.

Q: That means that it will pass in free license or that it's premises for "pocket worlds"?
A: It's premises for "pocket worlds". The tool will be used by the players themselves, as was the Ring. The players scenarios may be open to their guild, to guests or be validated officially, on request, to be open to all.
Riasan: For ARK we used the Old Ring Maps (its look like a copy of the Ring but it isn't) and yes it will work with Poket Worlds. Ulukyn added a new AIS for ARK so if player make some bad stuff we don't crash Atys. We are working every day to fix bugs and add new stuff.

Q: So there will be some way for players to possibly use ARK to make pocket worlds, something similar to the ring? that their guild and allowed people, can play?
A: Sure! But its a bit harder as with the ring.
Someone_: This is amazing!! how soon? ah i see october! i have to go tell everyone i know.
Riasan: If all is going well, soon as Tamarea say (but its not finish, we working every day!)

Q: Since one AI instance will be available, only one guild/equip will be allowed to run its Ark event?
A: As i understand: you can creat your owne PoketWord and invite everyone you want , also you can used everything.
Depyraken: and two guilds/equips can run the event at the same time?
Tamarea: Two teams doing the same pocket word scenario should be separated (same than when we all go in the "same" appartment, we do not see the other ones). But still to be verified. Is what is scheduled but I don't know more for the moment.

Q: So there will have "instances"?
A: The pocket worlds are actually apartments or guild hall (which is actually the same thing).
Instances, then. They may be as much as there are different players. The instance is created once a player access there and destroyed when the last player leaves. A scenario can therefore be run X times by X different people.

Q: We will be able to bring with us on the continent, the things that we get during the event?
A : And you can join a scenario the same way you would enter someone's apartment (except for selection window of the apartment).
Regarding items in pocket worlds each pocket world will be set. With or without DP, with or without pvp, etc ...
Currently there is no parameter on items, but nothing prevents to add one.

Q: In an instance, we can have trees, lakes, mounds, ...? Does the designer of the event decide of that?
A: We used the old Ring Maps so no change on the 3D Land , you can spwan every stuff what we ryzom can spwan.
Ulukyn: There are two types of entities in a powo. The entities managed by the AI (which collisions) and Entities to static (or shapes) that are not linked to the AI. Managed entities will be limited. But no limit for the shapes. And the shapes allow you to put everything you want. On the contrary, they have currently no collisions (but I'm working on it). The shapes are exactly the same as items in apartment.

6.4 Opening of Silan
It's planned for October too if all goes well.

6.5 The new race app
Riasan: I build the whole Race App new (build with PHP and Lua). The system is nearly the same than the old one but i try to give more options (like a race have more Parts Triathlon) and the highest priority is to improve the anti cheat. I build also that you can connect ARK with the Race App (give auto rewards, check status of a race etc)

Q: Could a player setup a race? or is it just limited to Event Managers?
A: At the moment I only create it that Event Team can manage Races, I think you ask because PoWos?
Depyraken: I was not thinking about PoWos. But, you've answerd to my question, thanks.

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