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The password I have written down isn't correct and I cannot recover it through the website. This is the error I get. It occurs on multiple browsers.

No automated response from and nothing in the #ryzom channel in over 24 hours either, there is no activity in it. Tried in the #ryzomsupport channel as well, but so far nothing either. Most of the users seem idle.

Here is a screenshot of the error.

I will sign up for a new account if I must and purge the old ones when I get access to them again, but I would rather not. I would like to subscribe to Ryzom and support the project, but this is not encouraging. The HTTP 500 error has persisted for several days, so far.

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Hello Jazzencat, 

I appologise for the late respons. Do you still encounter this problem or has it been solved? You can send an email to if you need further assitance.


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