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i recently started playing Ryzom on my macbook. I realy like this game, but its not playable until further changes in the game config had been made. Which is specially bad for new players, who dont have the patience to deal with it.

I downloaded Ryzom via steam, runing client version (1.0) on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

By default the game should run in fullscreen mode, but for some reasons its on window mode after all and crashes after creating a new character. In order to fixed that i had to run the config and change the default setting to window mode.

Crash report:

At first i tryed running the game in german, but i was unable to accomplish the first quest. Then i talked to the first guy (Unnoirin Cepao) the quest bugged out and couldnt be continued. Restarting the quest does not help, it said "unable to find mission target" or something like that.

So i went back to the config and switched to english. After that the game is runing normal. Also the "help" button at the login screen, after using a wrong password is leading to a blank forum page.

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- You can change things like window mode ingame after hitting Shift+U to open Game config.
- Character Selection and Creation is always in windowed mode (iirc)


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I downloaded my client from here:



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