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De moi, on peut carrément fermer Silan et mettre des PNJ "professeurs" dans les capitales (pas besoin de mission). Ceux-ci rempliraient tout aussi bien le rôle de tuto, que les joueurs peuvent décider d'aller consulter ou non. Et après, chacun vit son aventure comme il l'entend.

- Dans ce cas l'on revient au même problème, si les joueurs "skip" le tutoriel de silan et qu'ils peuvent faire la même sur le continent, ça revient au même.
L'avantage en commençant directement sur le continent est que si le joueur s’aperçoit qu'il a été un peu trop vite, il aura accès au PNJ pour les quêtes « tutoriel » de base. Actuellement, une fois qu'on a quitté Silan, c'est mort.
Personnellement je pense que Silan est Sous exploité et que l'on cherche à l'éliminer sans l'avoir étudiée au mieux.
Ajouter des quètes, modifier l'interface (ajout de messages moins longs, dynamiques) afin de mieux guider les nouveaux joueurs sans trop les laisser s'éparpiller leur permétra de mieux saisir ce qu'est Ryzom, et de ne pas se limiter à "je vois un "truc", je le tape, j'ai terminé de tester le jeu."
J'aime Silan pour son côté « zen » ya presque personne, quand j'ai pas vraiment envie de jouer, j'y vais pour glander et mourir bêtement en restant AFK n'importe où. Mais pourtant, je préfére rester le plus objectif possible, Silan est bien plus nuisible qu'autre chose pour les nouveaux joueurs qui ce retrouve immergé dans un système de jeu qui ne reflète en aucun cas ce qui ce passe sur le continent.


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Possibly we could put a level restriction for returning to Silan.

Let players leave and come back up to say level 10 or 20. Then after say level 20 if they left to go to the Mainland they could not come back.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------

Silan >>>Marauder camp how would that work? Guards kill our guests?

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Accepter que des ex payants puissent revenir jouer leur persos en free to play avec les mêmes restrictions que les autres free to play, c'est le sens de l'histoire.
Eve Online a décidé d'adopter ce principe :

Ces gens sont depuis longtemp LA référence en matière d'inovation dans les MMORPG, à lire et voir pour piocher des idées.

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Thank you Fifi for that link, I had no idea!

Also runescape does this

Very happy when ryzom gets on board

However, it is important that the toon behaves like f2p 125 level toon and not be able to "cheat" past to 250 skills


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meh, I'm not sure we can do anything about the "cheat" of having very high skills in Silan- it already exists with restored players alts. And allowing players to bring mats, and tools, and gear- if it helps players enjoy the game more, get through the tutorial, etc then why not allow it. So I would support opening it up like its another regular region of Atys.

The only really interesting effect I heard mentioned in another forum would be if the method of transport to and from silan allowed players to visit any of the capitol cities, which would eliminate the need for world treks. I guess it depends how WG wants the game to be, but currently Silan is more like a prison to most new players and allowing access to and from all 4 capitols could be a better experience for new players.

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Placio, I doubt that there are many high level alts left on Silan, and most of the exc stuff from merge times will be exhausted now. Moreover, most of those overpowered Silaners used their abilities with restraint.

Making Silan just some other region would deprive it its meaning. Why should players mess with q10-45 stuff when mats up to q250 and imported tools etc. were freely available? You would create more beggars, and most probably more dropouts.

And world treks are a way for new players to come in contact with experienced players, and to see the world, even its more dangerous and more unaccessible regions. With treks rendered useless for beginners, they would find themselves barred into capital ghettoes or be forced to ask for treks, anyway.

I enjoyed my world treks as a beginner, and I enjoyed to trek beginners even more.

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Ah sorry Placio,

meant that 250 toons should still behave like 125 toons IF they areNOT subbed anymore (this is how eve and runescape do it)

THere was some talk about not being able to limit that very well

As for silan, if 250s can go there that's a whole other issue
Won't want to go into it, it has it's good and bad points


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In my opinion open a 2 way portal is a dangerous question, yes has very good points but need some limits. Need lvl limit and how many times u can go back.
These are hard question cuz someone start lvl on ML in some hours reach the lvl cant go back to silan. This i hard question mostly the experience could answer when will be tried. And the elder players will have a huge responsability to not pull up beginers fast and they cant go back anymore, Maybe that could help if there is an option finally leave silan and till that a lvl limit even if the player came to ML cant go higher.

How many times can go back also should be limited i dont think just jumping here and back lotsa time is good, anyway silan will be full with overpowered gears etc, and silan will lose its point. We want more players but this game is not for everybody, silan is a good strainer. Over that as Daomei told world trekk is a good point for meeting new and elder players (btw thats also good if no need trekk across HH anymore :D)

So these are hard questions and what are the exact good numbers only can be known by testing.

P.S.: also a question what can it effect to MLs already very unballanced gameplay. Maybe i use to see the future dark but if it wont change can cause the end of the game.

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I am a noob but I found the starting missions a great way to get a "feel" for Ryzom. The depth of the crafting system and the customisable actions (bricks) are great features of Ryzom.
I do find that distance is a hindrance in helping someone when they ask for help in the chat channels.
How hard would it be to allow anyone in a team to teleport to the team leaders location to help them and to teleport back when leaving the team.
That way if someone wants a rez in some other zone (including Silan) I could just teleport there and rez them then teleport back after helping them. Perhaps my bag might get locked while in the team (maybe I am only temporarily partially teleported and the merchants won't buy my stuff because they know it will vanish when I do)
Could a chat channel be changed so that characters only see help requests (and telport requests) from lower level characters? (so i don't teleport to the aid of a lvl 250 player only to find I am of no help at all.)
Or maybe the Max_Fight_Skill of the player could appear in brackets in the help request, like:
(23 Magic)NoobsGalore: Can I get a rez and help killing these gingos pls.

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How hard would it be to allow anyone in a team to teleport to the team leaders location to help them and to teleport back when leaving the team.
That way if someone wants a rez in some other zone (including Silan) I could just teleport there and rez them then teleport back after helping them.

Death is part of the game, not the funniest but when you die, you learn to play better.
BTW death penalty have a really small impact, just enough to remember you die few minutes ago if you already forgot that ^^

I'm still in favor of removing Silan and put all beginner quests on mainland.


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